“Lil Phenomenon” a list of 63 rappers named Lil

Whether you are a passive fan of hip hop / rap music or a super fan, you know the stereotype or the old joke, with rappers calling themselves “lil (put name here).”  In fact, it was someone last night that I was driving around for Uber (my main gig) who said to me, “why do so many rappers call themselves lil?”

Now this person I was driving, wasn’t a fan of hip hop, and only had two examples to name which were Lil Wayne and Lil Peep. But still the fact that someone who doesn’t listen to Rap was still able to lament about how so many rappers call themselves lil, really renewed an interest in writing an article idea I have had for some time.

So today with my car in the shop I decided to put some research into finding out more about this “lil” phenomenon.

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A couple of the things I sought out to do:

  1. Find out an exact number of how many rappers I could find whose stage name starts with Lil.
  2. See which names are the most creative, funny, unique, etc.
  3. Compile a list so that other aspiring rappers don’t make the mistake of picking a name that is already being in use which to many up and coming artists don’t take into account.

Criteria for the list:

  1. Rappers listed on Soundcloud, YouTube, and Genius who are actively putting out music or relevant in some manner even if they are not currently releasing music.
  2. I tried to not include rappers whose names might have included “lil” before but have now been changed, for example Lil Boosie (who now goes by Boosie Badazz) and Lil Capp (who now goes by Capp)

By the numbers:

  1. 63 Rappers who stage name begins with Lil
  2. Most popular first letters for the second part of their name: D (6), W (6), M (5), B (4), F (4), S (4)
  3. Top 6 most creative and / or unique names: Lil Bootycall, Lil Housephone, Lil Icepack, Lil Toenail, Lil Ugly Mane, Lil Windex

All the rappers named Lil:

  1. Lil Aaron
  2. Lil AJ
  3. Lil B
  4. Lil Baby
  5. Lil Barnacle
  6. Lil Bootycall
  7. Lil Boom
  8. Lil Chief Dinero
  9. Lil Cray
  10. Lil Chuckee
  11. Lil Debbie
  12. Lil Dicky
  13. Lil Durk
  14. Lil Duke
  15. Lil Dripp
  16. Lil Droop
  17. Lil Eytch
  18. Lil Flash
  19. Lil Flipp
  20. Lil Foxx
  21. Lil Frost
  22. King Lil G
  23. Lil Housephone
  24. Lil Icepack
  25. Lil Jay
  26. Lil Jojo
  27. Lil Jon
  28. Lil Keke
  29. Lil Kim
  30. Lil Kleine – One of the biggest rappers out of the Netherlands.
  31. Lil Larcenie
  32. Lil Lonnie
  33. Lil Mama
  34. Lil Mister
  35. Lil Mosey
  36. Lil Morty
  37. Lil Mouse
  38. Lil Nizzy – I just want to add that I found this rapper on accident. I was actually thinking of someone called Flatline Nizzy but I had forgotten their name so instead I Youtube searched Lil Nizzy and I found this rapper. That’s how crazy this is getting, you can literally make up a name and search it and there probably already is a rapper with that name. wtf does lil nizzy even mean?
  39. Lil O
  40. Lil Peep (R.I.P.)
  41. Lil Phag
  42. Lil Phat (R.I.P.)
  43. Lil Pump
  44. Lil Rob
  45. Lil Reese
  46. Lil Scrappy
  47. Lil Skies
  48. Lil Slugg
  49. Lil Snupe (R.I.P)
  50. Lil Toenail
  51. Lil Tracy
  52. Lil Troy
  53. Lil Twist
  54. Lil Ugly Mane
  55. Lil Uzi Vert
  56. Lil Wayne
  57. Lil West
  58. Lil Will
  59. Lil Windex
  60. Lil Wop
  61. Lil Wyte
  62. Lil Xan
  63. Lil Yachty

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