Witchcraft in Rap Music

In my research of Female Rappers that are not as big as Nicki Minaj or Cardi B in this generation, I’ve discovered a kind of troubling trend… Female Rappers that practice witchcraft, sometimes openly speaking about it. Lets start with Tairrie B, a Female Rapper from the 90’s who has ties to Eazy E, and made a diss track. Since then she has pretty much stopped rapping but still makes music, one song being called “BTCHCRVFT” the music video makes it obvious that its not just a song title. She also has a track called “Wicked Witch Of The West”. 

We can’t have this discussion with talking about Azealia Banks, who in 2016 openly admitted to practicing “Brujeria” wich is the sacrificing of Chickens. She also recorded herself cleaning out her closet where she did the sacrificing for 3 years. She also talks about being a witch in one of her song “The Big Big Beat”. But they portray it in a way of not being a bad thing. Another example being Princess Nokia, who openly talks about it the most. Some of the lyrics in her song “Brujas”, the spanish word for Witches, says “Talk shit we can cast spells” “Good witches I fuck with, Hopped off of my broomstick, Witchcraft, bitch craft, Light magic, it’s nothing.” She also talks about it in many of her interviews, claiming to be a “Good Witch”.

Other examples include rapper “Junglepussy” who mentions being a witch in her song “Stitches” as well as Nitty Scott who did a interview titled “#BRUJAANDBLESSED: NITTY SCOTT, MC TALKS SPIRITUAL RITUALS & MENTAL HEALTH”. Other rappers who may be Witches, judging from their songs/music videos etc but have not talked about it openly are Tommy Genesis, Abra and Brooke Candy. Though Brooke Candy is more than likely a Satanist because she has shown a lot of Satanic symbolism, through tattoos, on her Instagram and in her music videos, i am putting her here because Satanism is very often connected with witchcraft in the public eye. 
I wanted to point all of this out because it’s a subject I don’t think hardly anyone else has really picked up on. I, personally, have never heard a male rapper rap about any of this… So i find it very interesting that a few Female Rappers have. And no, this is not conspiracy theory, some of these women literally will admit it in their own words, on camera. If i hadn’t heard all of this myself, I probably wouldn’t believe it either. Just to clarify, I am in no way a conspiracy theorist, and accidentally stumbled upon all of this on YouTube. 
Not saying that i agree with Witchcraft or i practice it, but the way these women describe it, you’d almost think they weren’t even talking about that. They make it sound like its not really a bad thing. Like its something that is totally innocent. Only Azealia Banks has opened up about the darker parts of the religion. And there isn’t much more information about the subject because from what i have heard, people who practice this stuff aren’t supposed to talk about it openly with others who don’t practice it. What do you guys think about this? Am i the only one who has noticed this? I want to know your thoughts. 
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  1. There totally are male identifying rappers that make reference to their practice of witchcraft, although its not often that they use the term ‘witch’. Busdriver talks about casting spells, SB the Moor and Safari Al refer to their discographies as grimoires (books of spells). I think there’s a pretty clear connection between rapping and witchcraft, as they both combine spoken words and rhyme with the ritual context of repetitive rhythms and underground performance spaces, not to mention the common themes between both rap and witchcraft of liberation, accumulating power, and pleasure. I’m glad someone is writing on this, tho I wish they had some knowledge of witchcraft and didn’t have to qualify every other sentence with “as if witchcraft is not a bad thing”. No spiritual practice is inherently a bad thing! It’s about how you use the equanimity and power granted by the practice that matters. I’m not even going to go into the link between feminism and witchcraft but this isn’t just a gimmick or quirk about these artists, this is a reclamation of their power over their realities.

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