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Editors note: T U N A M I is a producer we have interviewed before who we really mess with. He reached out to producer KOB (aka prodxkob, Prod. by KOB) who is been making a splash by producing for artists such as Reggie Mills and Thouxanbanfauni to name two. Check out the interview below where T U N A M I talks to KOB on a variety of topics.

Major Credits? (artist/song) :

My biggest placement so far is Miss Me by Thouxanbanfauni.
How old are you?:
Where are you from? :
Hawthorne, Ca

How long have you been producing?:

About 3 years

Why/how did you start producing?:

There were honestly a few things that made me start producing. Ive always been into music but i never thought about pursuing it as a career until after High School.I started off playing the piano but that was really it. I never thought it would lead to me producing. My brother (Thurz), has been rapping for as long as i can remember so theres always been music around me. I was always the skater guy lol, i really thought i was gonna do that for the rest of my life but i had to face reality and realize i hate getting hurt and that shits dangerous.
Throughout my childhood ive met many celebrities and a lot of the people who I saw working on their craft back then are successful now. Its just a crazy thing to see. Especially growing up in Hawthorne and watching the whole Odd Future wave take over. I remember going to the skate park everyday and seeing Tyler and Jasper but not knowing Odd Future was even a thing. Its crazy to see how far they’ve come and that was a big inspiration for me to start making music. Another person who played a part in me starting to produce is Like from Pac Div. Ive known him for many years but i remember being backstage at show with him and he had found out that i liked playing the piano and told me i should start producing. I didnt believe him at first but he insisted so i thought why not and thats pretty much when i started.
Why did you initially start playing piano? When you first started playing piano what type of music were you playing? How did you learn? :
It was really just out of boredom. I thought it would be cool to learn an instrument but i never learned to read music. I just taught myself by ear and watching videos on Youtube.I would usually just find songs i liked and practiced them til i got them perfectly.
How has your brother (Thurz) influenced you as an individual and as an artist? Can you tell us a little bit about him and his music as well?:
Being around him as his music started to take off was very inspirational. I remember being a kid and going to the craziest studios with him and meeting big celebrities but not even thinking about making music yet. He just let me know that its a very small world and anything is possible. I remember being at this studio in Hollywood and them telling me Birdman was in the studio next to me and that really opened my eyes. Even in middle school, i remember he had a music video circulating on MTV for a few weeks and people would come up to me saying they saw him and it was a great feeling for me. Its cool when you know someone making moves but its different when you guys are related and living in the same house.

Do you feel that skate culture has affected your music taste (and/or) beat-making? And if so, how?:
No I cant really say that it has. I feel like if i never skated i would still listen to the same music.

How did you meet Like from Pac Div? :

My brother brought all of them over my house when I was probably in elementary school and we just played basketball in front of my house. I was probably 10.

What’s the dopest thing to happen to you since you started making music?: Probably getting noticed in my city. I dont talk to a lot of people so when someone reaches out to me in public i really appreciate it. I was at the med shop the other day and this guy recognized me so i thought that was pretty cool lol.

Who are your biggest influences? :

Kanye West,Tyler the Creator,Travis Scott, Black thought, Thurz, Partynextdoor,

Want to give any shoutouts?:

S/O to thurz,battle, stoph, richie, lazyflex, lukrative, lil housephone, kevin clarke, tylergoldchains, Claudio (T U N A M I)

What is something about you people would be surprised to know?:

my last name is Martinez
What’s the history of your last name?:
Im Belizean and apart of the Garifuna culture. A lot of us have spanish last names.

Whats your process for making a beat? :
I usually always start with a melody first then add drums.

Where can people find your beats for sale?:

I used to update my traktrain a lot but as of recent ive just been sending out snippets through email. I still have beats on there though, check them out at traktrain.com/kob , or email me at prodbykob@gmail.com.

What do your beats normally cost?:

Depends but i start at 50

Name 3 produces people are sleeping on that deserve more shine.:

Lazyflex, TylerGoldChains, & Lukrative

Any story or stories on how you secured some of your placements?:

My first placement was with Reggie Mills. He had flown out from New Jersey and came straight to my house but my parents were out of town at the time so they had left my aunt there who was very strict to watch over me but all my homies were there waiting for reggie to pull up. So he pulls up and asks if its cool that fauni comes which was a crazy to me at the time lol i was like woah this is wild. he had just dropped who you testin so his buzz was building and i had just started producing. So he gets there and they start rolling up in my room and it gets loud super quick so my aunt came knocking on the door yelling talking about how shes gonna tell my dad were smoking in my room and all kinds of shit lmao. Everyone started laughing because if we really were smoking it woulda been waaayyyyy louder.The whole situation was very extra but we ended up leaving after a while. It was a very funny thing to have happened while they were there.
Do you use Hardware or software?
Software, FL 11. Fuck 12

How many leases or beats, do you think you have sold in your career?:

I just started putting beats up for sale so not many.
what are your plans for 2018?:
More Visuals, placements, and just wanna be seen more.

Anything in the works right now? If so, with who?:

Just been trying to get placements and work with more artists. Ive been working with Kevin Clarke a lot lately so you could expect more music from us soon. As well as Battle and Stoph.

Name 5 rappers you want to produce for:

Travis Scott, Trippie Redd, Playboi Carti, Ski Mask, Lil Tracy

What is something you wish you knew when you first started producing that you had to learn the hard way?:

Theres really nothing that ive had to learn the hard way. I would just say you cant trust people and everyone’s not as genuine as you think. I’ve always thought like that though so i haven’t had any problems as of yet.
Any words of advice for new producers?:
Its very important to have your own sound. You dont want to sound like anyone else because you wont stand out. Its okay to be inspired by something but don’t copy and paste.

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