“Money ain’t shit when you living a dream” Interview With ReeseyGotIt

I found ReeseyGotIt first on IG then looked into his work and had to reach out for an interview!

major credits? (please list specific songs by the 
These arent really major but to me its sort of a milestone but i have alot of songs with PoloBoyShawty. On Friday (the 19th) he dropped “Grade A Freestyle” its fire af go peep👀 (shoutout to SMG Cuzo & SoloVision & Polo of course)
I have 2 songs out wit Comethazine, “Fantasy & El Camino”)
How old are you? 
17 Years Old
Anything funny or crazy ever happen in this game we call rap?
The Evolution of Fashion & Lyrics
Where are you from?  
Baltimore MD
How long have you been producing? Why/How did you get into it?
Ive been trying to produce since late 2011, i had Magix Music Maker, that was my start. Then down the road i got into Dubstep & EDM heavily in 2012. I officially started in 2015 on my iPhone using iMPC & FL Mobile. I still use FL Mobile to this day, theres never an excuse for me why i cant make a beat anywhere.

I got into producing because of Dubstep, even though ive made only made 1 Dubstep track it still means alot of how i started. Change goes a long way.

What’s the dopest thing to happen to you since you started making music and releasing product?
Besides people fucking with me and showing love, i get people who look up to me, wanting to be as good as me and even better. I got to work with someone i looked up to before i even knew what producing REALLY meant. Im workin with one of my favorite artist / producer. So far thats the best right now. Money aint shit when you livin a dream.
Who are your biggest influences? 
PoloBoyShawty & Michael Jackson…I know its a weird combo but it is what it is
Want to give any shoutouts?
Shoutout to me for being me and only me and being unique #selflove

What is something about you people would be surprised to know?

When people found out i was using FL Mobile for a while they were shocked as hell because of the quality. That should show you if you are creative it doesnt matter what you use.
Whats your process for making a beat?
I currently dont have one but eventually I’ll develop some and experiment
What do your beats normally cost?
Between $20-50 im not money hungry at all so if you really want a beat from me and all you have is $20, i take that as respect and you care about me.
What is the most you have made from one beat?
$250 , i sold an exclusive
Any stories on how you got some of your placements? 
  1. So my first placement was Comethazine – El Camino and the 2 producers i collabed wit did the melody and i did everything else. When i found out that i had a placement i didnt even know who Comethazine was. I hit him up wondering why i didnt get credited from it nor did i get paid.
  2. Theres was a time i used to spam Polo’s email to get a placement , i even tried to pay him to get a placement. I was beyond desperate bruh, that nigga just matched my aesthetic. A couple months later he hit my DM:
 *The song he was talkin about is called “Bentley Coupe” currently unreleased but theres a snippet on YouTube
What Hardware or software do you use? is there any reason why you like to particularly use what you use?
FL Mobile & FL 11. Theres no reason but FL was everywhere and recommended so I adapted quickly.
How many leases or beats do you think you sold in 2017?
Between 100-150 beats
what are your plans for 2018?
“Keep doing what youre doing because its keeping you going”
*Me to me
Who do you think will part of the new wave in 2018? (producer wise and rapper wise)
  • ReeseyGotIt
  • PoloBoyShawty
  • Amazement
  • Pierre Bourne
  • Flaasko
  • Cuban Montana
  • And MusssaPhilippe

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