“Love Blast” Interview with FrankGotThePack

I saw some controversy on the gram going around about a song called Love Blast by Skinnyfromthe9. The controversy seemed to be around who produced it, etc. This song is a certified underground hit with over 1.94 million plays on Soundcloud and over 574k views on YouTube. So I figured I might as well see what’s going on so I reached out to producer FrankGotThePack to interview him and to see if I could find out what’s good.

Turns out homie had a lot to say!

How old are you? I’m currently 17 years old

Where are you from?  originally born in Forest Lake Illinois, but I live in a small town called North Andover In Massachusetts.

Major credits? SkinnyFromThe9 – Love Blast (Prod. FrankGotThePack x Sly Beats)

Aight, well I know there’s some crazy story or something behind love blast. Can you give us your side or clear up all the stuff going around right now?  Man this story is WILD… That song came out of nowhere!

First, this is how I met SkinnyFromThe9 – I am a HUGE Fan of rich forever (famous dex, rich the kid, and jay critch) so I was scrolling though my explore page on instagram and I saw a picture of dex, me being a fan I clicked it. It was a picture of famous dex and some dude (skinnyfromthe9). and I don’t exactly remember if it was dex or skinny who posted it, but I then clicked onto this kids instagram just being curious of who he was.

I saw he was a rapper, and we had around the same # of followers I believe at the time I had about 29k, and he had maybe 28k or 30k either a little more or less than me (fast forward to 2018 he has almost 300k now) so I dropped a comment and I remember exactly what I said to “Yo Idk who you are, but I see dex fucks with you, so I fuck with you.” he liked my comment and we both followed each other and talked a little in the dm’s. At the end of the convo I asked him for his snapchat (at the time I was always posting my beats on my story so I was hoping he would see them and maybe be interested).. So he adds me I add him.

Now the beat was made and sent to skinnyfromthe9,  I was just chillin at my house, in my little bum ass studio  set up I had at the time, making beats. I had such a slow computer that I couldn’t even run nexus or anything besides fl keys and various other stock plug ins to make melodies. So I hopped on this website called looperman.com it’s a place where kids can upload loops like drum lines or melodies and stuff like that for other producers to download and use in their own work. So I found this melody that was Fire (The melody to love blast produced by my homie Sly Beats).

I downloaded it and got to work. at the time I had only been making beats for like 4-5 months maybe so I had basically no experience, which explains the trash drums, hi hats and all that. but I got down the basis of the song, kick, snare, hi hat, 808. The beat was maybe 30 seconds long by now. me being new to making  beats, I was like damn bro… this is FIRE. so I recorded a little snippet on snapchat and sent it over to skinnyfromthe9. he responded “send me that”

At this point I was like shit I have never done this before what do I do … so he tells me to send him the beat and I email it to him and that was that. 2 days later skinny texts me and says “we got a hit” he posted a snippet on instagram and that shit went CRAZY! the snippet got like 100,000 views everybody was commenting on his page like yo what song is this, link me. So I knew this was gonna be big. the video gets posted on boonk gangs story and at this point I’m like damn bro, this shit is crazy! but I’m sitting in class and I get a text from skinny and he was pissed he texts me and he’s like “yo who is this dude” I look at the post and it’s a screenshot of the post on boonk gangs story saying something along the lines of “fuck this guy his producer stole my beat” (This is sly beats) and I’m like what? this dude uploaded it on the website.

So skinny is like bro figure that shit out I can’t post the song till this is situated. so I dm sly beats and im like bro what do you mean , you uploaded it on looper man…

and at this point it couldn’t have gotten any worse. sly is from france and speaks little english so you can only imagine the struggle I went through. But eventually we settle it he gets credit I get credit. and to this day sly is my closest friend in the beat community even though he is in france. that’s the homie.  but after the song gets mastered my nametag gets cut out of the song… I was mad I ask skinny he said the engineer cut it out , obviously I was mad, it was my first big hit and my nametag is gone, that is where my name came from. My name was F R A N K but my name tag was FrankGotThePack and nobody called me frank they just always said frankgotthepack  so I changed my name. but he told me i would get a percentage of the royalties and 1,000 dollars on top of 50% publishing between me and sly so i got over it. at least i would get paid.

so long story short: Love blast gets posted eventually on soundcloud and it goes insane it gets like 30,000 views first day so skinny then posts it on all other platforms like spotify, apple music and all that. From then on the song averages 25,000 views a day we hit a million views in a little under one month and at the time of this article, it has 1.94 million soundcloud views 2 months after release.

Anything funny or crazy besides that story will Love Blast, ever happen in this game we call rap?  yea actually, I had beef with izak, the kid who produced YBN Nahmir’s hit rubbin off the paint. long story short when nahmir posted about his manager selling the beat to some major label , I was like damn that sucks. but I never read the post, one of my boys told me the story, but they told me the producer sold the beat to a label not his manager. so one day I stumbled across izak’s instagram and I commented something like you a sell out, fuck you, like all this hatin shit cause I thought this kid was ballin off money the label paid him for the beat. but izak then posted me on his story like fuck this kid he spreading fake rumors and I was like bro what?

and at the time I still thought it was izak that sold the beat so we go back n forth a little then he blocked me and I found out it was nahmir’s old manager not izak. I felt so dumb… it was pretty bad, it’s no hard feeling with izak though I think he is a dope producer, he’s getting his money doing his thing I can’t hate on the kid.  He’s doing much better than me lmao. he was in LA with skinnyfromthe9 during rolling loud though and I’m sure he heard love blast I dont know if he knows I produced that but I’m sure he still has beef with me regardless I was ruthless in his comments lol. if you’re reading this izak my bad for all that extra shit, I got no issues with you bro best of luck to you in the future, much love.

How long have you been producing? Why/How did you get into it?

I have been producing for barely over one year. I got into it because I have always loved rap. Mostly the songs with hard 808s and songs that just have a nasty bass line. I love bass. I wanted to make music but I loved trap. and no racism intended but

I’m white, and I dont know any rapper who is white and makes good trap music. so I was like, well I love the beats that go hard, maybe I could produce? and here we are today.

What’s the dopest thing to happen to you since you started making music and releasing product?

  • man love blast is the greatest thing that has ever happened to me.
  • I’m still thankful and happy to say I made the beat to a song with millions of views across multiple platforms. and not to mention that song made skinnyfromthe9’s career. and it is all love to skinny that’s my big bro.
  • Skinny and I stay in touch though, and much love to him jacari and josh. They have been making big moves lately. On the no jumper YouTube and on tour with fetty wap.

Who are your biggest influences? If you know me… you know I have to say famous dex… but also rich the kid and jay critch. They all just carry the best energy.

For producers though, I have to say lab cook, young chop, polo boy shawty, pi’erre Bourne, sly beats, Scott storch is probably the biggest though. That man is a legend, if you don’t know Scott he makes nothing but hits… like the famous piano line from still D.R.E. feat. Snoop dog, candy shop by 50 cent. Basically every classic song ever he is a legend on the keys.

Want to give any shoutouts? Man huge shoutout to skinnyfromthe9, his brother josh, jacari, that man jacari always flexin lol. And don’t forget about my homie @slywiththesauce that is my brother for life!

What is something about you people would be surprised to know? : I love making YouTube videos y’all can go sub here

What is your process for making a beat? : make the basic melody, add a hook, add some drums and hi hats, add some effects maybe and then upload that shit to my website JamesFrankMusic.com

What do your beats normally cost? Leases go for 20-50$ Exclusives go for around 300. I have never sold any exclusive to a signed artist but that price would obviously be much higher.

What Hardware or software do you use? Is there any reason why you like to particularly use what you use? : I use fl studio 12, just because I was like metro and tm88 using it and I was like true that has to be the shit then.

How many leases or beats do you think you sold in 2017? Sheesh maybe like 10 I wasn’t even selling beats until about a month ago maybe 2.

What are your plans for 2018? man I have huge plans for 2018.. I started up my own website JamesFrankMusic.com where I Have a beat store. I have a drum kit shop I’m working on, getting the best free drum kits in there. I plan on selling FrankGotThePack merch once I get my page boomin. and I plan on doing a lot with my YouTube channel as of right now it is just a lot of beats and reaction video type stuff but I’m just trying to get a fan base before I start doing other things, YouTube is something I have always had a passion for. I also want to work with as many artists as possible, so if you are an artist’s dm me on ig @james_frank lets work!

Who do you think will part of the new wave in 2018? (Producer wise and Rapper wise)

ForeignGotEm FOR SURE… fly melodies, menoh beats. IZAK even though he kind already on but I think he gonna get even bigger in 2018. sly beats, The Lab Cook, Captain Crunch , I have a lot of producers I think are gonna blow up but that is all off the top of my head.

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    1. As a family member to James Frank he has always love the music/beat. Very proud of him. Keep up the Good Work.

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