3 stripper turned rappers not named Cardi B

2018 is going to be a crazy one for the rap game… Something that has been “low key” bubbling, is the stripper turned rapper aesthetic. Of course Cardi B, has something to do with it but shes more of an anomaly. There were and are dozens of these femcees around trying to pave a lane for themselves and Cardi B just had the luck, circumstances, and skill, and that all added together helped her blow up beyond what most anyone could have imagined.

But now with Cardi’s success and the continuation of many other variables, there is going to be an influx of content coming from this pocket of rap music. Only time will tell who will burn out quickly and who will create sustainable careers. In the mean time there is a huge amount of content to digest.

  1. Renni Rucci – Listen close and beyond good looks, and a good flow, she actually has some wit in her lyrics… “It cost a bag n*gga, pay up/ I am a 3, not a lay up”

2. Diamond The Body

3. Cuban Doll

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