“Need That Pack” Interview with Dvtchie

I first found out about Dvtchie because I saw he produced a track for Supreme Patty and then I started seeing his name over and over on YouTube. I figured I gotta reach out to him and see if we can do an interview. Scroll down to find out more about this producer.

major credits? (please list artist and song) Supreme Patty- “17” (Prod. Dvtchie x Zach808)
What’s the story behind the Supreme Patty placement? Supreme Patty Stole my beat and he didnt credit me n zach (he still didnt credit him)
How old are you? im 19
Where are you from? Im from Bronx, NYC
 How long you been producing? What got you into it? Ive been producing for 2 years. i always was musically talented i was a bystander next to two rappers who are still my homies to this day and they told me to make beats my friend had the program pulled (i played the drums, flute, guitar and ive been in a drumline)
Whats the dopest thing to happen so far? 100k views on one beat
Who are your influences? Southside, Pierre Bourne, MF DOOM
Whats your strategy for youtube?  I have no strategy i just post
Want to give any shoutouts? Shoutout to Team MoneyVated (IG; @teammoneyvated)
Whats something people would be surprised to know about you?  I make beats in 10-15 minutes
What’s your process for making a beat? Smoke then Look for a sample if i cant find a sample i work on a melody
What do your beats cost? $100 lease $ 400 exclusive
What’s the most you made from one beat? $500
What software do you use? i use FL Studio its very easy
What did you make last year selling beats? about $1000
What’s your plan for 2018? Get more Placements
What does youtube monetization look like for you? can you give an example of what you might have earned off of at least one of your beat videos? (views/earnings) Pretty Good, On my need that pack beat i got about $200 (106K VIEWS)
Dvtchie links:
  • IG: Dvtchie
  • SnapChat: andy.0325
  • Twitter: 1kDvtchie


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