An In Depth Conversation with Hip Hop Producer Xay Scott (podcast)

Xay Scott, also formerly known as 2DZ, 2Deezy, Dat Nxgga 2deezy, is a hip hop producer who has been in this game for close to 7 years now. He is not a house hold name but this guy has worked with everyone from Lex Luger to Lil B to Lil Xan.


Yesterday, me and Xay had a phone call where we talked for close to an hour. There are two episodes in this series and we touch on a variety of topics including:

Part 1:

• His move to the west coast.
• Sage The Gemini and power plays.
• Soulja Boy and Lil B
• Lex Luger
• 7 Am / Lil Uzi Vert
• Being signed to spaceghostpurp
• Finding smokepurpp be4 he blew up
• Mac Millers first concert

Part 2:

• Oj Da Juiceman and his writing process
• Lil Xan, Wiz Khalifa, Chevy Woods, Mac Miller, Neako
• BeatStars
• TrakTrain
• What the labels are paying producers
• Royalties (performance and mechanical)
• Going international
• TV placements
• And more!


2 thoughts on “An In Depth Conversation with Hip Hop Producer Xay Scott (podcast)

  1. Really enjoying ya posts ! Rediscovered my old love,Hip Hop thanks to playas like you,, ya got the dopest news in underground/indie hip hop . Keeep hollarin’ 1

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