“How To Make Money As A Producer” Free Game + Interview with Drumdummie

For a lot of producers, even with big credits, producing can be a side hustle. This is not the case with the producer I am interviewing in this article. For Drumdummie this is a real business.

He hasn’t produced a big hit yet, which is surprising to me because his beats sound perfect for a breakaway hit from the south. Even though he might not have charted on billboard, he is one of those producers putting up serious numbers online;

  • 22 Million + views on YouTube.
  • 62, 000 + subscribers on YouTube
  • Number 6 on the Airbit top 100 producers for the last 7 days
  • Number 9 on the Airbit top 100 producers for the last 30 days
  • Number 21 on the Airbit top 100 producers “All Time” list

Get my point now?

Luckily he responded hella quick to my interview request. Find out more about this producer and hear some of his beats by scrolling down!

major credits? Kodak black , NBA Youngboy , Money bagg yo, YFN Lucci & Many more
How old are you? 23.
Anything funny or crazy ever happen in this game we call rap? Yeah , Labels trying to put out songs saying they will pay you but still drop without paying , thats kinda funny to me haha. 
Where are you from?  Shiloh , Georgia
How long have you been producing? Why/How did you get into it? Ive been producing since maybe 11-12 & my cousins had somehow gotten FL Studio long ago and from the first time I ever used it I loved it!
What’s the dopest thing to happen to you since you started making music and releasing product? Its crazy cause when I 1st started I wanted a boosie placement so bad , I never got it but I ended up starting 
a whole sound and taking over a whole state producing , that was dope to me!
Who are your biggest influences? Dr. Dre , Zaytoven , Lil Jon , Jazze pha
What is something about you people would be surprised to know? to be honest , just saying I’m from GA , lol people literally think I’m from Baton Rouge and think I’m lying when I say GA. 
Whats your process for making a beat? starting with a dope melody I’m inspired by and then the rest just comes naturally 
What do your beats normally cost? anywhere from 500-2000 now that I’m involved with labels , still independent but the labels allowed me to kinda move my price around.
What is the most you have made from one beat? 2000
Any stories on how you got some of your placements? no big ones honestly , just youtube and going to Atlanta meeting artist in studios.
What Hardware or software do you use? is there any reason why you like to particularly use what you use? I use FL Studio MPC Studio, and I like FL Studio just because of the time it saves, you can do things easily.
What did you make last year from selling beats? $102,000 
Do you receive royalties from any of your beats? Can you give an example with actual numbers?Not yet , hasn’t actually kicked in
What does youtube monetization look like for you? can you give an example of what you might have earned off of at least one of your beat videos? (views/earnings)Most I’ve made Is like 2500 a month.
What are your plans for 2018? expand the brand , add people to the camp who can help me create a better platform for even more producers.
Who do you think will part of the new wave in 2018? (producer wise and rapper wise) DJ swift , Dubbaa , Me (I hope) lol , Internet money , cash moneyap , Rapper wise Doe Boy , Sherwood Marty , OMB peezy , TEC and Maine musik , C bane , Tj Freeq, Rell48 
Want to give any shoutouts? most def , shout out to everyone who believed in me enough to let me borrow and most of the time use their equipment until I somehow tore it up and still didn’t trip!!!! Like my homie
Hit , Ak , my cousin flow , my manager dank c , my brother Reon, my cousin Cashflo carter! Thanks
Editors note: I found this video while editing this post about Kingdrumdummie. Today he uploaded a video on how to make money as a producer, it is a great watch if you are serious about making money in this game!

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