“DiAmond in the rough” interview w/ DiAmond Miller

DiAmond Miller is a rap artist out of Rock Hill, South Carolina who is making a name for them self in the South Carolina music scene as well as on Soundcloud. “Men lie, women lie, number’s dont” is what Jay Z taught the game and this is true for DiAmond, if you look on his soundcloud page his track with the lowest amount of plays is at 14.7k views, but its also his most recent. Look at the rest of his tracks and you will see that they go all the way up to 177k plays!

To me, it’s clear that DiAmond has been acquiring a strong fan base with his music so we had to do an interview with him. The homie over at @musicofcarolina was able to get in contact with him and do an interview, scroll down to find out more about DiAmond Miller.

-You’re from Rock Hill, South Carolina. What is it like there?

It’s basically like any other small southern town. High school football is a big deal there, and it’s really close to charlotte, NC so that’s kind of cool.

-You started rapping at 14? What made you start?

I started writing at about 14 but probably didn’t start full fledge rapping until 16. I’d been interested in poetry since I was about 8 and being a black kid in America you naturally get attracted to the culture of hip hop.

-A lot of your beats seem to come from producers in South Carolina. Would you say this has a large impact on your style?

Forsure. I try to just go off of the feeling of the beat and blend that with what’s been on my mind lately. A lot of the people I collaborate with are people who I knew for years, some even before music.

-What’s the best musical moment you have had on stage?

Every stage experience is a bit different: I’ll never forget when I got onto a show hosted by a brand called “Nameus” in Charlotte that my homie Coop helped me get on. My performance was good and that night led to dope opportunities for me.

-What do you have planned for 2018?

New tape dropping within the next month or so, I’ll be releasing more info about it soon.

-Describe Super Plain. Are you sponsored by them?

Super Plain was started by my homie Nick Horton aka Atticus Thatcher. He approached me and a few other of our friends when we were all in high school and we went from there. Super Plain is more like a family than a sponsor for me, all members of it have been friends for years. It consists of Nick Horton, Coop Lambert, Nick Gregory, Jordan Isaac and myself.

-What is the best pair of shoes you’ve ever owned? Explain why.

If we’re talking skateboarding my favorite shoes I’ve owned were Herman 2’s, Nike SB Dunks or just authentic vans.

-What skateboarding trick are you sticking first when trying to impress girls?

lol I don’t think I really do tricks to impress girls but I’m probably going for a tre flip ‘cuz it just looks cool and hard to people who don’t skate.

-I actually own a shirt of yours. What’s the inspiration for being a mock NASCAR driver on the front?

Me and my homie coop came up with that idea. We wanted to go a sports rout on the merch and emphasize the number 95. NASCAR drivers always have big numbers on the side of their cars so it worked out well.

-You have a song entitled, “Paranoid,” but what’s your favorite strain of weed?

I don’t think I really have a favorite strain, I’ll smoke whatever kind of weed if I’m trying to smoke. No bad weed tho.

-Shout outs?

Shoutout to everyone who listens to my music, everyone who supports me, and everyone who’s contributed to this new tape.

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