Interview with Producer and Rapper Yuskey Carter

Remember I said the east was rising! and Yuskey Carter is one of those on the come up. He plays double duty as both the producer for Elle Teresa and as a rapper with his own career himself.

I was able to get him to do an interview after doing the one with Elle, so scroll down to check out more!

What rappers / producers do you manage? Elle Teresa
How old are you?  32, soon to be 33.
Where are you from? Shizuoka, Japan
How did you get into the management game? One day I suggested Elle to start “rap”, and after a month she came back with 10songs! then I thought she is something.
So I started working with her. First I invited her to join a song in my album. Around the same time I decided to leave my previous label. I changed my artist name and started my own label “West Carter Music”.
What did you do before this? I was building my career as a rapper (with different rapper name), working in my previous label with my homies. It was fun.
any advice to aspiring rappers or producers? Just listen to your favorite music everyday. If you find anyone cool, then give them the respect that they deserve.
Get close with foreigner friends haha
What does a  manager do? I don’t make beats so I just come up with the ideas of the songs, beats, MV.  Thinking of the strategy for my label’s next move.
Any crazy stories from this game we call rap/hip hop?
Everyday is crazy with Elle Teresa.
What are your plans for 2018?
Elle is releasing the new album in March, and we are working on more albums already.
I’m thinking of release my own songs. Looking for new artists to work on as well.

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