“Work Hard, Money Will Follow” Interview with A2RBEATZ

A2RBEATZ might not be a household name YET but I just listened to the song “with my team” by creek boyz that he produced and holy ish that beat (and the song too) is something extraordinary. I’m going to get on my trap sommelier steez real quick and describe the beat to you…

To me it sounds to me like it has some tropical notes but really the best way to describe it, is to say it sounds like a happy but dark beat made for Lil Yachty by Pi’erre Bourne on an angry day. Or if Lil Yachty heard the bank account instrumental and he called up 21 Savage and was like “yo whip something up for me”. And this doesn’t just seem to be a fluke, throughout the article I have included some more instrumentals of his available on YouTube that really show the sound I am talking about that I hear in his music.

How old are you? 24

Where are you from? UK

Major Credits? (artist/song)

  • 67 – London,UK Group – “Thats Us” and “Anywhere”.
  • Harlem Spartans – London,UK Group – “3000 Savage.
  • Creek Boyz – With My Team.
  • I guess I would add Lil Yachty to the credits since he’s featured on the Creek Boyz –With My Team (Remix) [feat. Lil Yachty] [Explicit], which is out on all Digital stores and platforms now.

How long have you been producing? Why/How did you get into it? I have been producing for 4 years, I was a video director with my brother before so we always had a passion for music. I use to go to local studios an while artists were making tracks I use to watch the producers but the producers use to guard their work so I couldn’t see what they were doing and learn from it. So a couple of years later I started to search softwares to use, I came across reason first but I couldn’t get to grips with using it. Fast forward a couple of months I found  FL Studio and i’ve been with it ever since.

What’s the dopest thing to happen to you since you started making music and releasing product?

At the start I obviously wasn’t as good as I am now at making beats because I have had a couple of years to perfect my style. But I always remember the first times artists used my beats that was the best feeling because something I’ve made in my bedroom and its came directly from my head, people can vibe to it and get a feel for the music I’m making. I got the courage and motivation to make it my full time job.

But recently the biggest thing to happen is I got signed a deal with Sony/ATV and met my manager birdman zoe from New York for the first time. That was one of the best days of my life, knowing a major label has spotted my potential and now it feels more real from being branded a bedroom producer. If I can do it everyone can.

Who are your biggest influences? 

My Biggest Influencers are Kayne West, Jay Z, Dr Dre and 50 Cent, I say them because they have made a big impact on the industry which cant go unoticed, it proves hard work and dedication will always pay off and dreams will become reality if you continue to work hard.

Want to give any shoutouts?

Firstly, S/O to my twin brother for supporting since day one, pushing and believing in my music. S/O my manager Birdman718_zoe, My Lawyer Navarroe and Juan, all have helped my brand grow further.

What is something about you people would be surprised to know?

America Artists are mostly surprised when they find out I’m from the UK, even UK artists have spoke to me with the American Lingo but when I tell them I am also from the UK they cant believe it, its quite funny to be honest.

Whats your process for making a beat?

I would normally start with the melody first then build the drums around. I have my own style with how I create though so I cant really give to much away because I have my own secret recipe. A bit of advice to up coming producers stay away from samples as you want to create your own feel, it becomes more of an achievement.

What do your beats normally cost?

Exclusive beats are negotiated through my manager Birdman Zoe, but I do lease beats you can find them on my website www.A2RBEATZ.COM

What is the most you have made from one beat?

I’m not one to discuss figures on how much I have made from a beat its more about my passion that ive got for music. I seen a quote from my lawyer Navaro it said “Work Hard, Money Will Follow”.

Any story or stories on how you secured some of your placements? 

I release my beats on youtube, this is how I secured “Creek Boyz-With My Team”, they came across the beat and downloaded it, it was that simple. But we went on to build a relationship. But hopefully 2018 goes well and I will have more stories on this topic for you.

How many leases or beats do you think you sold in 2017?

2017 was a good year for me, music really picked up, but like I said previously I would like to keep this kind of information to myself.

what are your plans for 2018?

To get my VISA to fly out to the US and get into the studios, continue to build relationships/network, establish my brand further.

Im looking to develop artists with my sound and create new waves. Secure more placements, get a billboard charting hit and become a gold/platinum selling producer.

Who do you think will part of the new wave in 2018? (producer wise and rapper wise)

Can never be sure on that, you never know whos next in this industry, personally i think there’s space for everyone who works hard.

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