Former roommate of Pi’erre Bourne looks to break out on his own: Interview with CoopxDeville

Where are you from?

Born In Columbia Sc , but Raised In Memphis Tn , Memphis Made Me Who I am Today

What is “GotGars?”

GotGars is The Dopest Brand To Hit the streets, inspired by my cousin Airmax , I’m more of the business side of the company, I help get the product in & off .

What is BYOB Records?

It stands for “Be Your Own Boss” Records We not takin orders from any fuck Niggas We do what we want when we want 🤘🏾We stand for all independent artists trying to make a way for themselves, no clout suckin Or dickridin allowed 🚫

Your latest project on Spotify is “Money Talks.” Tell me everything about it.

Aite so ima put it like this , if u got u some money you can pretty much do anything you want , meaning you can start talkin less and lettin the money talk for you, like somebody’s whole attitude will change for the right price and that shit crazy , So I basically put together a bunch of songs I made while I was makin the most money I’ve ever made in my life , #GetMoneyMusic

How do you have so many beats from Pi’erre Bourne?

We were once roomates / close childhood friends . I’m a former member of Sosshouse so I got hella beats in my email from P . I respect our fallout enough to not continue to use his beats tho until we can link & squash the beef .

Who influences your music?

Definitely have to say all the Dopest smokers in the game; Snoop , Wiz Khalifa , Dolph , & Gucci . All of them move like how im trying to move self made with their own wave/Movement. I actually got to hand out dolphs first mixtape when I was living in Memphis that shit was so cool to me how he was fuckin wit the streets and the streets was fuckin wit him , I said shit I’m gone be just like that , I got way more ppl that fuck wit me than enemies so as long as I keep it real & give the streets something to fuck wit I always feel that they will & that’s all I ask is for y’all to FWM !!

If you could work with anyone right now who would it be? Wiz Khalifa & Snoop , Feel like id fit right in .

When did you go out west? Where?

I left around thanksgiving & I’m out in Hollywood now livin the life 💪🏾

How is this different from home?

Hollywood is Hollywood & Home is Columbia Sc I would never want to not be where I’m from because the sc struggle honestly birthed my hustle . Everyday I was tryna come up now it’s the same thing on a Hollywood level 😈

What have you learned?

Too much to fit in this one answer but I can give y’all some free game I guess , The sooner you realize that “YOU” know nothing the better off you will be , everyone feels as if they know everything & no one does but if you can mentally accept that others know shit you don’t , you’ll be more accepting of the information trying to be passed and willing to learn new things .

What are you planning for 2018?

Big Tingzzzz 😈 I have a project dropping February 25th named “Regular ShxT” this is my coolest project , I’ve been planning to work on this project for 3 years and it was originally supposed to be executive produced by Pierre but the music gods had other plans , so it will executive produced by my brother @_1arich

Shout outs?

Shout out the man upstairs, S/o GotGars , BYOB , Airmax , Fran$hize , Zer0 , Shello , DrPreRolled

S/o My Nigga Rich

& S/o anybody on the comeup from my city , you can make it fuck what the haters got to say 🤘🏾 Keep goin I fuck wit you !

Editor’s note: This is the first article/interview on CuratedFlame not written/conducted by yours truly @nicejewboy ! So a very special thanks to Kaleb Partilla / @MusicofCarolina who is the one who reached out to CoopxDeville and conducted the interview. I hope to publish more from Kaleb in the future!

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