Ca$hrina is back with “Fancywrist” (official music video)

Yo… for real though.  I am glad to see CA$HRINA is back with more music! this video dropped last night and I think it is her absolute best work today music wise.

Her videos have always been quality and had a great aesthetic but her music lagged behind in my opinion even though there were still a good amount of people f*cking with it. I don’t think its just the hard beat produced by AVIONTHEBEAT but I also think with “Fancywrist” CA$HRINA definitely comes with a smooth flow for once and it bangs.

The visuals this time around are even lower budget with the video being made in what I can only assume is a cheap motel in New Jersey. But again its fye! LOL!

Notable lyric:

“Never popped a xan, I pop a vhs/

Wanna be my man, you have to pass the test/”

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