“Add on to the rap game, don’t take away from it” – Interview with manager Tk Kimbro

I just recently found out about Tk Kimbro because he is the manager for Ron Ron the producer who I was trying to do an interview with. If you don’t know who Ron Ron is, he is the go to producer for artists like Drakeo The Ruler, and the group Shoreline Mafia, having produced every beat on their mixtape “ShorelineDoDatShit”

 Me and Tk got to talking and he agreed to do an interview as well. Below you will find out a bunch including
  • who he is
  • how he got into the game
  • how much labels pay producers / his advice for producers when it comes to royalties
  • what exactly a producers manager does.

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Where are you from?Out south TN originally and lived everywhere from NY, Detroit, Atlanta, and my adult life in LA.
How did you get into the management game?
I have been in the music and streets since a youth. I have always been the one among my peers that people have asked for guidance and advice. I put that in the music game 20 years ago managing an artist named Boo Kapone on Priority records in 2000.
What did you do before this?
Survival!!!! I have done everything from hustling on the streets, juugin, and most extensively marketing and management.
Any advice to aspiring rappers or producers?
Study your craft and never give up!!! Embrace your failures. You only learn from the process if you acknowledge it. Don’t listen to people who haven’t succeeded in what they do in life but want to give you life advice. Find a mentor and follow their blueprint but embrace your journey as your own.

Any advice to newcomers to the management game?
The best advice I can offer is to become self aware.Question all the things before you. Learn from all the deals that came before you. Add on to the rap game, don’t take away from it. And finally learn the history and culture of rap business. It is a sad and disgusting story so you need to be well equipped to not feel that away personally and make change for your clients.
What does a producers manager do?  
My style of management is a lot different than others. I base my business management on the individual. Generally with producers I want to cover split sheets for artists, labels, and management so my clients can get paid. I go over placements and recording sessions with the producer. With Ron Ron it’s building up his brand and securing a proper deal so I am organizing a lot of things on his behalf daily for that.
Can you give any insights into royalties? up coming producers do not have enough knowledge on this.
Royalties are your percentage of the records you make. The standard rate is 13/14 percent. The label gets the rest so fight to get more by creating demand and heavy streams for your songs. that is the key in getting a better deal and leverage.
Any crazy stories from this game we call rap/hip hop?
I have too many stories!!!
One that stands out the most.I remember being 25 and a famous rapper that I saw on TV a lot  at that time walked up to me and my crew and was crying at an industry party, Dead ass balling talking about how he was not getting paid and how he bet that I was getting more money than him outside of rap than he was as a a rapper. That is one of the things that lead me to further pursue management in the game. I didn’t want to ever be that dude broke and crying at an industry party.
What are your plans for 2018?
10 singles that break streaming records, 10 number songs, deals for RonRon, Shoreline Mafia, Drakeo the Ruler, Stink Team, getting an imprint for R Baron and to extend myself as a mentor to my youngs that need and ask for my assistance.
Lastly, do you want to give any shoutouts?
I want to s/o my business partner Picaso, our company R Baron, Shoreline Mafia, 03 Greedo, Drakeo the Ruler, RonRon, Cypress Moreno,and all my people, that died and lost their freedom or way in life.I do it for all of us!!!


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