Take Notice: Russian Hip Hop Producer Highself Is Up Next (interview + 6 beats)

Most of the producers I write about on this blog and do interviews with have at least 1 major placement to their production name. Highself is not like those producers, however don’t think he’s not doing big things. He has some big placements in the Russian rap scene (that’s where he’s from) and he’s doing even more!

First off, I found this guy because he has one of the top most viewed 6ix9ine beats and when I heard it, immediately I was taken aback. Please listen to this beat, especially the intro and tell me that this doesn’t sound like it would be perfect for 6ix9ine!

I immediately got in touch with Highself and here’s the awesome thing. He actually knew about my blog already. He responded to my email saying “It would be a pleasure for me to do this interview, I was actually just reading the Kooda interview you did yesterday”.

Well f*ck.

A russian producer whose beats I was digging?  already knew about my blog? that keeps me motivated!

Check out some of his placements, more beats, and the interview below.

Any major credits? Unfortunately, I aint got no placement with US artist yet,but I produced a lot for Russian rap / r&b scene

and to my surprise Ive got credits with France and Spain rap stars:

Its not really easy to get placements when from US Rap scene when u live in Russia, but Im doin my best now.

Age?  I am 21

Anything funny happen to you in this rap game? I cant remeber anythin funny. Rap game is funny with how many fakes are in this shit.

How long you been making beats? I been producing for like 9 years (started making beats when 12),but I been doing it more professionally (selling etc) for like 4 years now.

Anything dope happen so far? Besides that crazy shit of randomly producing for a bunch of french/spanish rap stars?  Bro, everythin what’s goin on now is really dope. To be honest, I still cant believe Im makin money from the thing I love the most in my life.

Also, once I came to studio just to hang out, didnt even had my laptop with, and there was one russian trap artist and beatmaker he was going to work with. They were tryin to catch a vibe and I offered to play one of my latest beats on youtube. As a result, Ive got one of the dopest verses in russian on my beats in 30 minutes.

Whats up with Russian Hip Hop Scene?  It may sound strange but Russia is really rich for dope producers but most of them are not usin youtube for sellin beats and make it locally (I think its a big mistake tho)

Tell me who your influences are? When I started the biggest influence were, Dr.Dre, Scott Storch, The Neptunes & Timbaland I guess. But a couple years later I listened to Drake once and found out who Boi-1da is and my life never was the same at that moment lol

Nowadays its more like Boi-1da, Cardo Got Wings, Murda Beatz is BANGIN tho, Metro, of course, he changed the whole game

Tell us something about you that would surprise us? I hope that Im white will surpise someone lol

Whats your process for making a beat? Usually when I start making a beat I really dont know what will it result in. Im just lookin for interesting sound, melody or harmony and sometimes it really takes time, but there is always that moment when u find somethin special and then it goes.

How much you sell your beats for?

  • Look, mp3 lease – 15$, wav – 30$, track out – 40$.
  • Prices for exclusives are basically 100-300$ depends on the beat. How old is it, how popular etc. For example when I just dropped Gummo on youtube some guy offered me 300$ the next day, but I passed cause I think its going to blow up, so I think I did the right choice.

What is the most you made from a beat? 400-500$ for an exclusive or custom beat I cant remember now to be honest. If we are talkin about leasing, I’ve got this beat:

I sold a lot of times!

Hardware or software? Only software. I make everything in Logic X on my MacBook Pro 2012 , and for headphones I use Beyerdynamic DT 770 PRO, 250 ohms, so when the man tells me he aint got no hardware to make beats, its really funny to me.

Whats your plans for 2018? Being focused and working as much as I can. As I understood at my 21, the only thing that can u help to make it is work work and work.

Internet producers blowin up bro. Lil Skies album just came up and ALL of the beats are made my internet producers. What a time to be alive for beatmakers,no?About musical trends, beats are now gettin more and more simple, minimalistic so I guess this trend will develop but to be honest Im not fond of this shit.

White Email Pack

Can you give an example of some actual youtube earnings or royalties you have received from one of your productions? I made 100$ in a month by youtube monetization of Gummo

*Editors note: the gummo beat he is referring to is the first video in the article. He released that in November of 2017, since then it has accumulated 61, 608 views as of this writing.

I see you are making a lot of 6ix9ine beats, why? do you like that sound or are you trying to capitalize on a trend? (no wrong answer, I respect any hustle)

First of all, tekashi’s Gummo is a fuckin BANGER. Its a really great work. As an every THINKIN internet producer, of course u be always checkin the trends and tryin to catch the wave of artists & hits that are blowin up, so I decided to make some tekashi shit.To be honest, I was sittin all night long tryin to make this one. I really wanted it to be Tekashi type but add something from myself and around 7 or 8 oclock I understood I really made something crazy.

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