Interview w/ Hip Hop Producer & Type Beat King Fly Melodies

Fly Melodies is a Hip Hop Producer I have been trying to do an interview with for awhile. He’s one of those producers that are on a short list that I just haven’t seem to have been able to get an interview with for some reason even though I keep reaching out. Seriously the list for awhile has been;

  • Fly Melodies
  • CorMill
  • Kid Ocean
  • CashMoneyAp
  • Izak

Well now I can say that I can cross Fly Melodies off that list because he finally hit me back with answers to the questions I asked him:)

Now before we get to the interview lets talk about who Fly Melodies is. If you are someone like me who is always looking for beats, then most likely you are typing “(insert rapper name here) type beat” and usually one of the producers who almost always has 1 of the top viewed tracks is Fly Melodies. Example: The video below is #10 most viewed XXXTENTACION type beat on YouTUbe.

In a little over 20 months, this Hip Hop producer has released 189 videos and racked up as of this writing 33 K + subscribers and 6,876,565 views on his YouTube Channel.

Besides that, he has collaborated with one of the other artists on the list of producers earlier, CorMill.

Also he has gotten some pretty interesting placements if you ask me, like Rico Nasty and Lil Skies. Two artists that will be blowing up in 2018… So you can be sure any producer they worked with is going to have their stock rise.

Now keep reading to find out more about Fly Melodies, check out some of his beats that are still available for sale, and to see/hear some of his placements!

So who are some of your major credits?
Lil Skies – Understand me, Lil Skies+Pollari – Off The Goop (co produced with Sexysnake), Yvng Swag – Flock On Me, Jay Critch, Rico Nasty, CHXPO etc..

How old are you? I am 24 years old.

Where are you from? Hungary, Europe

How long have you been producing?I started producing about 2 years ago.

 What’s the dopest thing to happen to you since you started making music and releasing product? Made a lot of dope music, with dope artists, and got to known great people via music.

 Who are your biggest influences? London On Da Track, CashmoneyAP, Zaytoven, Cardo, Trell Got Wings,

 Want to give any shoutouts? S/O to CorMill, Izak, Birdie Bands, JP Soundz, Sexysnake, Lowkey, Decicco, Kidkeva, KingWill, Menoh, Foreign, Tash!!

What is something about you people would be surprised to know? I used to do freestyle football back in the years, I could do hard ass tricks, and long combos with the ball back then, haha, it was fun.

 Whats your process for making a beat? Usually I start with chords, then I add the melodies and the drums, I really have to be in my zone to make some unique beats.

What do your beats normally cost?

  • MP3 lease – 20$
  • Wav Lease – 35$
  • Trackouts – 75$
  • Unlimited – 125$
  • Exclusives: 200$ – 2000$

What is the most you have made from one beat? Probably +1500$

 Any story or stories on how you secured some of your placements? Nothing crazy man, people just found my beats on youtube

 Do you use Hardware or software? Fl Studio + Alesis Q49 MIDI , also I have an MPK Mini

 How many leases or beats, do you think you have sold in your career? Hahaha, tons of leases, 1000+

What are your plans for 2018? Work with more dope artists, and blow up this year

Do you receive royalties for any of your beats? this is something that a lot of younger producers don’t know to much about so if you can share any insights on royalties, that would be highly appreciated. Yeah, be cautious what u sign, If it’s something serious, you have to involve a lawyer. I have already signed bad deals, it was for smaller projects, but I have not seen a penny from those. Everyone wants the best for themselves, ain’t no fairty tales here, y’all better get it, this is straight business, so If you want a good deal you have to stand up for yourself as a producer and be serious, and never underestimate your beats and give them for cheap.


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