“Hellraiser” Interview + 4 beats with Hip Hop Producer Chupi

Chupi is a producer I found on one of my YouTube searches recently. The second I heard some of his work I thought he was hella talented and then I saw that dude has a steady following on his YouTube due to the comments and numbers of views he is getting on his beats.

After reaching out to him only then did I found out that he’s actually produced a handful of beats for some of the rappers in the new wave like Matt Ox and Comethazine.  And he also basically has an underground hit on his hands with his production work on the Boofboiicy & Bandmanfari song “Chucky”. That song is blowing up and getting tweeted about by Lil Tracy and others.

I also got the privilege to find out about how he turned someone stealing his work into a big time placement.

Listen to his productions and find out more about Chupi below!

Major Credits: 

  • Boofboiicy & Bandmanfari – Chucky
  • Comethazine – Hellraiser
  • Matt Ox – Oxstars
  • Ikabod Veins – Pitchfork

How old are you? I’m 17 but boutta turn 18 in a few days.

Where are you from? I’m born and raised in West Palm Beach, Florida.

Oh shit for real, West Palm… Well then do you know Lil Toe? What are your thoughts? Lil toe is fye he works a lot with my best friend/ co-partner/ childhood friend 2 piece who produced his biggest song “wake up”. Toe is blowing up in our city and it’s dope. I’ve spoken to him a few times about getting a song together but haven’t gotten to it yet

How long have you been producing? I have been producing for 2 years, but I took it serious this past summer.

Whats the dopest thing to happen to you so far in your career? The coolest thing of my career so far is seeing my fans interact with me and working with some of my favorite artists that inspired me.

Who are your biggest influences? My tastes are diverse, but recently my biggest influences have been The Smiths, Unotheactivist, Smokepurpp, The Neighbourhood, Duwap Kaine, Pierre Bourne, Sworn In, Radiohead, and Gothboiclique.

Want to give any shout outs? wanna shout out my bros that really be supporting me and helping me achieve my success: 2 Piece, Rorysdeath, Emob/Oxgang, Swirl, Ikabod Veins, Trillogy, and a few hometown dudes that support me.

And also shout out tash and izak ifw you guys.

What is something people would be surprised to learn about you?I literally listen to everything except country, don’t hit me with that bullshit lmao.

What is your process for making these beats? these soundscapes?  Simplicity is key. I really like to keep my beats really simple like 6-8 channels max. I like making catchy, but simple beats that would let artists do what they want on em.

What are the prices for your beats? Prices going up so soon haha. But right now, I’m trynna be a producer that is supportive for the kids. So currently I’m doing $20-$30 leases and $120-$160 exclusives.

Can you share an example of some earnings you have made from YouTube? In terms of youtube payments I don’t know exactly how much each video but I make like $200 ish per month from that and my biggest video “take it” made me like $120 and that beat took me 5 minutes to make.

*Editors note: The video he is talking about, “Take it” has accumulated 122, 227 views in under 3 months.

Any crazy or interesting stories about how you got some of your placements? I got the craziest placement stories, I swear. I dead ass need a whole interview just on those, but the craziest placement story is with Matt OX/Oxgang/Emob and the whole Philly Scene. To keep it short, someone was impersonating me and they made a fake soundcloud under my name and were ripping my beats off YouTube and reposting them on my soundcloud under my name.

I was going through soundcloud and seeing what songs people have been making with my beats. I heard one song in particular and it caught my eye. I dm’d the dude and it turned out the impersonator had been talking with him and his whole affiliation with matt ox and his crew. That’s where they basically called out the fake version of me and plugged the real me in with the gang and since then I got tons of unreleased music with my Philly boys.

Hardware or software? I use FL Studio 12, JBL monitors and sub, a m-audio keystation 49 ii, and a dell desktop.

How many beats do you think you have sold in your career? God really blessed me bro. I can’t even count the number of leases I’ve sold in my lifetime all thanks to my youtube channel and traktrain. I swear I’m breaking records for producers in my success range. Youtube pays really well too. One thing I can say is that I’m making way more money doing this beat shit than the majority of kids my age with real jobs.

Any plans for 2018? I’m taking over 2018, I swear. For the past few weeks ive been securing crazy connections and placements that I can’t talk about yet, but come end of this year I’ll be the one behind the production on all y’all favorite songs. I swear imma have to raise the price for beats so much.

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Chupi Links:

Youtube – youtube.com/chupi561

Buy Beats – traktrain.com/prodchupi

Instagram – @chupi.19

Twitter – @lilchupi

Soundcloud – soundcloud.com/prodchupi

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