Some Lil B mixed with MF Doom – an interview with rapper P2THEGOLDMASK

How did you come up with the name p2thegoldmask? Have you had any other rap names? P2 is my name , my name start wit P n it was a older nigga n my hood wit same name n same lil circle so they called him P1 n me P2 n it jus stuck.. thegoldmask came from.. , I started out as “Based P2SKI” or Based P2 I was heavy into Basedworld S/o Lil’B

Where are you from? Does that any influence on your music? Im From Earth .. I was born n Stuttgart Germany lived there til about 7 when I moved to San Antonio Tx to the hardest block n the city Marbach which is funny cuz its a German name n the middle da hood . Marbach influence my music .. my music is Marbach .

Are you involved in your local rap scene or no? Na I turnt that shit up tho a year 2 ago but things happen kinda fast for me n I  advanced out it the same year I got in it .. My brand growing so im movin wit it feel me cant think local thatd be a backtrack but I Rep da city so its no need I got em wit me .

What’s the dopest thing to happen to you since you started rapping and releasing product? shit I gained a nation and foreign fanbase I never really had intentions of that cuz I didn’t really care it was jus for fun to me but now dat I sea ppl fuck wit my shit Im go head n give em what they want .

The production you find to rap on beats is pretty fired. Who makes the beats? hit I don’t usually stick wit one producer for too long because I don’t have strong personal relationships wit nun cuz its da net n also I be evolving like ebola . but when I find a dope producer I try to crank out some consistent singles or a full project to capture the sound n moment , I like to make diff music so I maneuver wit producers one day ill produce my own shit when I got time.

Who are your biggest musical influences? my biggest influences .. uh ,My Momma, 50 Cent ,Will Ferrell , AKon , Floyd Mayweather , Liveola , z-ro , mf-doom , oj da juiceman , riff raff , souljaboy , lilb , Barry whyte n shit dats bout it really

What are your goals? My Goals are to be the biggest artist ever from San Antonio , the most remembered , I jus wan be a Legend n this shit a pioneer to putting SA on the nation n world map , for being original completely. n fye , I also wanna see a couple Million tbh .

what do you charge for a show? for a feature? before I ain have a price tbh I jus knew what I wud accept n wut I wudnt .. Music ain even a source of income like dat tbr , but shit 2018 I wont leave da couch for less than $500 but its kinda been dat way jus now its fasho fasho , feat depend on person and song and my schedule price range from free to $250 dig

Do you have any advice for other rappers? yeah don’t do this shit for the next 10 years cuz im bout completely fuck this shit over for next decade . Go to school instead get a education .

what did you do 2day? shot 3 videos downtown wit my dawg ReelBump.


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