“Off The Goop” – Interview with Norwegian Hip Hop Producer sexysnake

I found Sexy Snake Beats because he co produced the “Off The Goop” track by Lil Skies an artist that I think is going to be, in terms of relevancy only,  the Lil Peep of 2018 (sorry Lil Xan).

major credits? (artist / song) Lil skies, pollari and i got a email while answering this mail about a Thouxanbandfauni placement. big s/o 1030 tuwap, sauve and nappy who i love working with. + alot of placements in my homecounty + maxo kream (but i never heard the song)

Ayeee! congrats on the new placement! can you let me know about the credits in your home country? I produced 4 tracks on a album called “regnmannen” by an artist called Store P. We got an norwegian “grammy” from it witch was kinda crazy considering i made all the beats in under 10 minutes on a demo version of FLSTUDIO and a Vybe drumkit. this was in 2014 and after this i wanted to go hard on beatsbut then i got a baby 🙂 the best thing that happened to me but i couldnt do that much music. i have worked with him since then. also i got several songs with almost all rappers i enjoi listening to from Norway. its a very small scene here.

How old are you? SEXYAGE

 Where are you from? Bergen, Norway, Europe

Hardware or software?what kind? FLSTUDIO

How long have you been producing? started going hard august 2016. but ive been doing it on and of for maany years

What is your process for making a beat? melody first. other than that, no formula. i tried making a formula a million times

What’s the dopest thing to happen to you since you started making music and releasing product? collaborating, discovering new sounds. starting releasing stuff on YT. also it feels good getting this e-mail rn about the placement

Who are your biggest influences? too many. my influences varies, but i love lexluger, pharell, battlecat, pierre bourne,prince, mexikodro,stevie wonder, z-ro,mike dean, sizzle and the whole 808mafia, future, 2pac

Want to give any shoutouts? fly melodies, mikemedusa, zukuu,youngforever, xayscott, izak, swae, cjd, Dunnaveli, winterhill clan and 100 others that didnt pop up in my head rn

What is something about you people would be surprised to know? i got a fulltime job and im a father

What do your beats normally cost? 25 a lease. exclusive  300.00 USD depending on the beat

what is the most you have made from one beat? I got one beat that i probably made over 1000 USD from

Who do you think will be a part of the new wave to blow up in 2018? producer wise and rap wise. I listen to Uno, Duwap and Candypaint. all producers mentioned in my S/O + alot of “youtube” producers like kaiser etc

How many leases or beats, do you think you have sold in your career? ca 200 since i started selling a year ago

Lets talk royalties… do you receive revenue/royalties from any of your beats on youtube? what is your split with an artist when they buy your beat and then release it on their mixtape or album? ive heard other producers doing an 80/20 split where the rapper gets 80 and producer gets 20. Whats the most you received in royalties for one beat?

I never heard about the 80/20 percent rule but thats the most stupid thing i heard about. its 50/50 of course, but should be 100 percent to the producer since the money is minimal and rappers getting income from shows. whoever told u 80/20 is  being very kind or getting finessed lol

Ok so when you work with rappers, you do a 50/50 split. Given that you have produced tracks for a wide variety of artists and your comments on the producer should actually get 100 percent, please can u give me and the readers an idea/example of what kind of earnings you might see from one of your productions? for example the lil skies off the goop track which has 600k views on soundcloud. 115k views on youtube and then the pollari remix of the same sonng which has 445k views on soundcloud. So what kind of royalties are you seeing from that? Can you also give an example from an even smaller song you might be receiving royalties on? 

Also your youtube page has over a million views. what kind of earnings have you seen from youtube? cause you have videos ranging from 80k views and less. and I know with one producer they told me they made $293 so far in youtube ad revenue from a beat that had 200k views. 

i havent collected anything from it but it should be on my adsense account tho im just lazy.
with the lil skies situation he purchased a lease from my website sexysnakebeats.com . we have not collected any royalities from this song. i have talked to his manager on the phone once and sent him the contract for the exclusive but he never hit me back. me and fly melodies are talking about what to do about this.
my experince with royalities is from steaming services, radioplay and concerts. I believe the system in norway and usa are not the same. here i get payed every time a song i produced are played in radio and also i get payed when an artist play a song live (if he reports it) The payment is not good enuff. thats why i sell leases online where i can earn much more. i am in a learning phase when it comes to the american marked and need to get in touch with somebody that knows more then me.
also the 50/50 split is for exclusives, if a producer makes royalities 80/20 from theyre leases thats another case, that might be a smart strategy. my recommandation for new producers are to get in touch with someone thats been around for a longer period to learn from. Its ups and downs and its important to not let it get to your head when being treated unfair. If u got screwed over from a placement or whatever, see your possibility to marked yourself so that you get the credit you deserve.
Also a small song i produced i might see. 400 dollars from a year in royalities given it has plays but no radioplay. thats nothing, but if u got 100 of those + leases u are good.
As a producer u build a portofolio and u need multiple souces of income.

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