Monetizing your blog with WordAds (my experience and earnings).

The majority of readers to this blog are people looking for music, or they themselves are  rappers or producers. So this little post may not be interesting to you but maybe it might.

Who I made this post for really was all the bloggers or people who want to be bloggers.

You might have found this post because you searched for ways to monetize your blog or website, or maybe you found this post because you wanted to know how much AdWords pays.

Well here’s a quick little case study of my blog and my experience with WordAds.

My experience so far:

I have been running this blog for a little over 9 months and I run it through wordpress with a premium plan (working my way up to business account). For at least 5 of those months I have had my blog enrolled with WordAds to see if I could make any money.

It definitely isn’t paying the bills but I am not disappointed with what I have made:


Two things to keep in mind about WordAds: Themes: I have updated my sites theme/layout many times, because I am always in search of the right one. Now each theme changes how much impressions you are going to get because each theme has a different way of displaying ads. So there can be a month where I had a lot of views and visitors yet I can still be able to not get many impressions because one theme didn’t have has many ad spaces as another theme I used before.

For example the theme I am using currently, will not be giving me to many impressions which isn’t to ideal because January is on pace to be my best month yet. However that might not really matter because…

Origin of Impressions: Impressions are what is going to bring in the money. You don’t necessarily need to have ads all over your website to earn a lot. What is actually more important is who the audience is that is viewing the ads.

Now WordAds doesn’t make public what each country impression rate is  but from what I have gathered doing research online, it is known that the U.S. and U.K. are two of the highest paying countries and two of the lowest paying are India and China.

Now if you see in the figures above, my highest paying month was December and it didn’t even have the most impressions out of the five months. I hypothesize that my blog seems to be potentially benefiting from the majority of its impressions are coming from the U.S.

(see my top 10 countries for 2017)


I hope this article was able to help you in anyway.


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