He still respects the sh*t out of women – Catching up with Tash (interview)

(this first video is very close to a million views)

 do u still respect the shit out of women?

Always. gotta love the ladies, it will never change.
u 18 yet? 
Nah I turn 18 in June. Im still a young nigga. 
whats the plan now.  u going 2 go 2 college and do music as well?
I plan to go to college and continue to do this beat thing. I just hope it blows up more than it has so I can make a living off of this.
what do royalties look like for a song with an artist, were u get an 80/20 split and the song isnt a billboard charter?
If the song isnt, on the billboards, me and the artist make a deal as if he is to profit off the song, I will get 20% of it. As long as they keep up there part of the deal everything is straight. I normally don’t see royalties that much unless the artist has clout with a fanbase that purchases the music.

i want to get more in depth about royalties and artists splits.  like whats the split when u sell an exclusive to an artist. examples of what do u get from youtube for your videos?

Me and the artist would split the royalties 80/20 (I recieve the 20%)

From youtube normally with videos over 100k I may see about $100 or way more. other wise, youtube pays extremely well.

– for example for a beat where i got around 200k views I made $293 off that video.

so how was 2k17 for u? 
Well, 2017 was a crazy year for me. Only the summer until the new year though. During the summer I attracted a lot of buzz out of no where and my subscriber count jumped up. My views were shooting up and people were purchasing beats consistently. I linked up with two other producers. (Banbwoi and Leanbwoy) and we collabed on a few beats and a we got placements, with artist like D Savage, GrownboiTrap, and Yung Bans. A few rappers started to DM me like Comethazine, PontiacMadeDDG, CheedaDaConnect, Matt Ox and I have songs with them. And I posted a video on Youtube that is almost at 1 Million views. Overall I feel like 2017 was a great year for me. 
lets talk about the placements u have coming up this year in 2018? how did u secure these placements? they reach out 2 u.  u reach out 2 them?
I got some of these placements, by working with Leanbwoy and Banbwoi. Also just based off my following my youtube, where A&Rs for Smokepurpp and Comethazine hit me up to send beats out to. I sent beats out to Dex and some other rappers, and they just hopped on the beats. Recently, I haven’t been getting much placements because I don’t really like sending out beats, and not get paid off it. I would rather get my money up than get a little bit of extra clout. 
what made you decide 2 start rapping? was this a plan from the get go? 
Thouxanbanfauni. I fucked with his music so hard that it inspired me to make a song. and post it on soundcloud. At first I was pure trash and didn’t sound right on a beat. But recently I dropped a few songs, and people love them so I think I might juts keep rapping, while producing.
who are some producers and rappers that you think will honestly be a part of the new wave? like who should we be looking out for in 2018?

Rapper wise, Duwap Kaine, Candy Paint, BoofboiIcy, Bandmanfari, Lil Tracy and Lil Tecca are gonna be apart of the new wave. 

Producer wise, Banbwoi, Leanbwoy, zJakkies, ThatBoySlim, Fly Melodies, Kid Keva, Izak, Dvtchie, KanKan. They gonna be on top of the youtube beats with me. 

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