Using social media to promote your content

This article was made for three people in mind, a rapper, a producer, or a blogger.

If you are a rapper, you are probably wondering how does this blog’s experience translate into your experience of promoting your music / or trying to sell your beats?

My blog is mainly a hip hop music blog and when I use social media my whole objective is to get people back to my website. That way I can grow my readership and also build up enough traffic that I may sell advertising. This translates because you may not be someone running a blog, but you are a musician or hip hop producer who wants people to go to your website or your main source of releasing / selling music and you want to sell product to them and/or grow your fan base.

Case Study


Started: Late April, 2017 (operating for 9 months.

How I promote my content:

1st: My blog is run through a premium wordpress account. As part of my post settings, whenever I write an article it is set up so that the link to the post, and a blurb, are shared on Facebook, Twitter, and Tumblr.

2nd: Because of the format settings some important hashtags or people that should be tagged, don’t get included in the individual posts on Facebook, Twitter, and Tumblr. So I also manually create new posts on the previously stated social media apps promoting the content.

3rd: I have a youtube channel where I infrequently upload content of artists that I have done interviews with or have written about. In the description of the videos I include links to the website and specific articles from my blog that pertain to the music in that particular video.

4th: I also routinely post links to specific articles in the comments sections of youtube videos from other creators, if their content aligns with mine. For example, I did an interview with Hooligan Chase, so for youtube videos of his music I include in the comments sections the link to that interview.

5th: I manually create posts for instagram that promote the content that is on the blog.

6: I have sporadically posted links on Reddit if the content fits.

Below are the number of people who have clicked links directing to my website after 9 months of using social media in the 6 ways above in 2017

  1. Facebook: 2,434
  2. Twitter: 2, 273
  3. YouTube: 1, 947
  4. Instagram: 903
  5. Tumblr: 26
  6. Reddit: 16

My thoughts on each:


Facebook – Most rappers and producers don’t even have official Facebook accounts or fan pages anymore. I think one of the reasons is that Facebook’s pages just don’t come across as polished or interesting as Instagram or Twitter do. However if you are a rapper, or a producer, or anyone trying to promote content you would be doing yourself a disservice by not using Facebook.

With Facebook, I don’t even use it to often to manually create posts because WordPress sends one out automatically for me. Though sometimes I do edit the posts if an artist I am talking about happens to have a facebook account and other times I create a new post to promote older articles.  Somehow even though the Facebook page for CuratedFlame only has 30 followers, through the use of using relevant hashtags and a minor amount of paid advertising in the beginning of this blog, Facebook has somehow become the number one social media in terms of referring readers back to my blog.

Therefore I highly recommend that you keep Facebook as one of the social medias you use the most to promote your content.

Twitter – Twitter has an older viewership and less users then Facebook but I post more on Twitter manually more then I do Facebook because I am able to tag other artists because almost everyone has a twitter for their brand. Also with Twitter I find that I get more engagements to my posts then with Facebook even though overall Facebook has brought me more readers.

Now that Twitter has increased their characters from 140 to 280 per post you can use it to add more hashtags in that are relevant to your content which will drive more people back to your page.

Instagram: Everyone has an instagram nowadays but in my opinion it has the least return on time investment. Don’t get me wrong you need to have an instagram! But its more for brand value and aesthetic then it is for referring people back to your actual work.

1st off Instagram is getting super spammy and also people are sluts with likes and follows on instagram.

You see, Instagram is easily where I have the most followers with over 550 but I barely have 900  referrals from the platform. In contrast, on twitter I have around 250 followers yet I have garnered 2.5X more visitors to my blog through that platform.

But ok, lets look at two other examples. Supreme Patty has over a million followers on Instagram yet his music video “Watchin” which has been out for 5 months has less then 400k views.

Or for a smaller realistic example, Erico G. a rapper from Miami who has 38.8K followers on Instagram but barely above 2K followers on soundcloud.

My final thoughts are to use instagram, but focus on getting more referrals through other social medias.

YouTube: If you don’t have a youtube. your f*cking up. But please don’t post in the comments of other peoples videos IF IT ISN’T RELEVANT!!!

Tumblr and Reddit: Use them barely. Just keep them as a tool just in case and to gather any extra potential viewers as posssible.








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