From Lil Xan to Duwap Kaine, he’s produced for a majority of the underground – Interview with Hip Hop Producer Jett Dean

(Major Credits? (artist/song)

I have pretty much worked with alot of the underground and i really think every song major haha. My biggest songs to date are with Swaghollywood and Fauni tho.

(How old are you?)

3 in dog years haha

(Where are you from?)

Sacramento California. Im out here creating my own lane and wave different t from everybody else out here. The music scene out here for sure has a certain sound that im breaking the mold of what bay area or any california music can be known for

(How long have you been producing?)

About 3 years now. Its funny because all my first beats were on protools because i always though fl studio was unprofessional or some. But i just downloaded it one day and started going crazy.

(What’s the dopest thing to happen to you since you started making music and releasing product?)

I would say the most fye thing thats happened so far is just my fav artists that inspired me to pursue music reaching out to me for work and just giving me opportunities to farther myself.

(Who are your biggest influences?)

My biggest influences are my peers and nature. The little things will influence you more then you could know. Also powerful people.

(Want to give any shoutouts?)

Shouts out to my jeweler damn its such a good jeweler, shoutout to my shooter damn he such a good shooter.

(What is something about you people would be surprised to know?)

Rap wasn’t my first genre i fell in love with.

(Whats your process for making a beat?)

I like to pick out quality sounds then lay beautiful melodies. After that ill do the drums and track out. Not always in that order tho:)

(What do your beats normally cost?)

My leases at the end of 2017 where $100 and i always like to negotiate on exclusives. Basically just come to me with money.

(What is the most you have made from one beat? how?)

Probably a couple racks off a youtube beat.

i sold multiple leases of the same beat until somebody purchased the exclusive. I think i was selling that particular beat like 2 times a day.

(Any story or stories on how you secured some of your placements?)

YES! Lol gotta catch me in the field if you wanna hear stories like that.

(Do you use Hardware or software?)

Both. My grandpa had these moog synthesizers i use to go crazy on. Mike Dean the goat is actually the reason behind my name and how i got into synthesizers

(How many leases or beats, do you think you have sold in your career?)

Not enough

(what are your plans for 2018?)

My plans for 2018 is stop chasing distractions and just keep evolving and progressing. I really wanna do more shows or go on a tour also.

(Do you receive royalties for any of your beats?)

Yes i do and all you young guys out there make sure you are apart of a PRO songwriting organization like asacp or bmi. Always register your songs and have good communication with your artist. One thing not to do is complain about getting payed before anything is even worthy of getting big money payed for. GET YOUR BAG AND DONT BE DIFFICULT.

(can you give a realistic example or number what a producer might make in royalties off of a song that isn’t a big hit, but has tens of thousands or hundreds of thousands of views on youtube etc.?)

as far as songs with huge number the pay def does not come fast at all. Its alot of waiting around when you getting royalties or percentages. Even tho its a creative field it moves like a machine and you only getting your royalties at the end of every financial quarter which is some months. The money for underground producers not signed to a label yet is building your social media presence and trappin out leases really.  Dont expect huge royalties unless your in film or tv or on the radio. As underground producers we gotta trap online selling beats like its a zip. until we get to that level just be patient. Don’t focus on the money too much and make good songs and the universe will play itself out.



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