Send beats to rappers with this free email contact list (updated)


The year (2017) is about to close, and after the last couple interviews I posted, I realized that one of the best ways for producers to get placements is by emailing rappers. That is why I am creating this article that is specifically a list of emails of nationally known rappers accepting beats, that I will try to update as frequently as possible. Sooo score placements in 2018 with this updated list of 22 emails for rappers that are on the rise and/or already have established careers.

  1. Bali Baby:
  2. Lil Bootycall:
  3. Ca$hrina:
  4. Chief Keef:
  5. Crunchy Kyle:
  6. Lil Durk:
  7. Danny Brown:
  8. DiAmond Miller:
  9. lil icepack:
  10. Elle Teresa:
  11. Global Dan:
  12. Hooligan Chase:
  13. HXTXG:
  14. Icy Narco:
  15. Lil Toenail:
  16. p2thegoldmask:
  17. Rogelio:
  18. Sana Leako:
  19. Teddybear:
  20. Thouxanbandfauni: 1KFAUNI@GMAIL.COM


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