The mysterious rapper known as myBFFJill


Two weeks ago I got an email from a rapper who goes by the name myBFFJill.  They wanted me to upload their music onto my youtube channel.

You first hear the name and you think woman. but they aren’t a woman, this is easily discerned by the deep vocal tone they have.

Now I get submissions here and there and the majority are wack. But something was different about myBFFJill’s work. So I responded to them and said can I get more info on you? but they have yet to respond.

I have been listening to the tracks they sent me and waiting for them to respond to my emails but they haven’t. so finally I decided eff it I am going to post them.

Doing research for this post I finally googled their name which took me 2 soundcloud and yo they only have 50 followers. and I can’t find a pic of them anywhere.

So this is a mystery 2 me.




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