Pittsburgh producer, C. Scott releases an impressive 20 tracks deep beat tape on soundcloud.

How I became aware of this artist: C. Scott is a producer who recently emailed me a submission of his music so please artists be aware I am taking submissions!!

My thoughts on his work: When I listen to this tape I am heavily reminded of Ant (the producer half of Atmosphere). Don’t come into this beat tape expecting any new school mainstream shit. But if you are looking for beats that are any of the following; old school, east coast, indie, alternative, sampled; then this is the tape for you!

Notes:  This is how a beat tape should be.

For the producers out there please pay attention to what C. Scott has done here:

  1. There are no tags on any of these beats.
  2. Each beat goes to the overall vibe of the tape. Each beat that comes after the one you were just listening 2, sounds like it should be the next beat playing.
  3. Each beat stands alone.

For the rappers out there:

Enjoy this solid meal of 20 instrumentals that will keep you satisfied for awwwhile!


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