Pittsburgh Rapper, Romance Nyogu, releases a flame 4 track EP

Romance Nyogu is a 19 y.o. rapper from Pittsburgh who is personally my favorite rapper on the local scene. Thats no bullshit either.

411: Right now he is making a name for himself and getting experience doing shows in the local house show circuit. I have personally seen him perform him at 4 of the 6 shows he is done in his short career. It was at his third show, a birthday party for the producer/rapper Young Mulato (r.i.p.), where I saw him perform for the first time, and I was immediately drawn in by a combination of his lyrics, his energy, and beat selection. But mostly for me it was the lyrics. It was sh*t I could connect to…

At the time I couldn’t quite put my hands on it of who he reminded me of, but as the months have passed and I have seen him perform more… Not to get to sommelier here. But I get strong Charles Hamilton vibes, with slight notes of both Makonnen and maybe J.Cole? I don’t know…

The guy is only 19 which is crazy.!He’s already putting out fire lyrics over a crazy curated beat selection (he also sometimes produces as well). I highly recommend that you get woke to this artist before he blows up in the next 3 to 5 years.

To start listening to Romance Nyogu check out his new EP that he dropped like literally 2 days ago.


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