New Music from Droptop Golf Cart

Edit/update: Im officially declaring this type of rap “rage rap”

If you like xxxtentacion or 6ix9ine or $uicideboys or Lil Toe or Craig Xen or Bones. f*ck it. you get what kind of sound im talking about! if you like that ish, you will like, probably love Droptop Golf Cart.

I first wrote about droptop back in July when I first broke who he was and then also did an interview with him > HERE

Anyways I was wondering whats been up with him recently cause he releases music very sparingly and it turns out he dropped two new tracks in the last month. They each have over 15 K views and his soundcloud following has more then doubled since I first found him (its now at 2502 followers). 


This song is from 3 months ago but its at 173 k views and I thought it deserved a shoutout

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