Submission: “Take Me” by Nep Jennings

My personal review: Over a catchy and speedy anthem like beat with a hook by Leslie Carron, Nep Jennings does a f*cking good job of killing the track. The chorus is great,but Nep shines in this track about life that anyone can relate to.

I don’t know who to compare him to cause his flow is original and his voice is too.

I would also recommend checking out his other song “Say You Love Me”

editors note: Im listening to the rest of his tracks and damn he has good beat selection.

Artist Bio:

Nep is known by every dope beat, sweet sixteen or professional mix lover, and so needs no bio.

Just kidding! Nep Jennings who was born as Jonatan Jennings, is an American Hip-Hop/Rap/R&B artist, producer, songwriter and studio engineer from Detroit, MI. The effort he puts into music has enabled him to be considered by many to be versatile in different music areas.

Nep has rocked packed shows everywhere from Atlanta to California and Chicago back to The Dirty Mitten.

So Jennings recognized his passion for music at an early age and got valuable experience from his internship at Fire4Hire Studios under the tutelage of budding engineer Mike Wyatt in a Southfield MI studio.

The experienced gained at Southfield MI studio enabled Nep Jennings to be vast in the mixing and mastering of all forms of music, and he also earned the nickname: Prince of the Pro-tools, due to the natural skill he displays while handling any music production project.

Jennings has also built a good working relationship with some of the reputable MCs at Detroit, which is as a result of the musical skill he seems to showcase whenever he is called upon.

It is also noteworthy that Nep Jennings is not concerned about staying at the top alone. So he has assembled a huge talent base that cuts across different genres to form his record label known as “Real Motown Music,” and the bold step is aimed at providing music lovers worldwide, the best of music from different genres.

More so, Nep Jennings received wide acclamation for the release of his latest single titled “Take Me Away,” and he seems not to rest on his oars, as he believes in the future release of mind-blowing music.



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