I don’t mean EDM when I say “House Show”

I have been talking to some people about this place I go to. When I tell them, I say I am going to this “House show” and whenever I do, 99% think I mean an edm show. But no I don’t!

Let me explain.

There’s a house in Pittsburgh, Pa. It’s not purposely a secret, I guess you could say its an open secret. I am not going to name it just yet, but some details about it include that it is located behind an apartment building in Oakland, and just like any other in the city of Pittsburgh, has a spacious basement. The house, by my guess has at least 5 people living it but that number could be way higher. Oh and they throw concerts at the house, therefore house shows.

I say this house is an open secret because it just hasn’t hit that level where its to known which is good because otherwise it wouldn’t be able to survive for to long. Currently, there’s really only three ways you have heard of this house; one of your friends has heard of it because they performed their or some indie act they like has, you know one of the many people who live there, or you pay attention to the underground.

Why is this house important? why am I talking about it? because this seemingly undescript house in the middle of Oakland is where I believe the beginnings of something special are happening.

I am unsure of exactly how it came to be but now there is a team of people that both live at the house and just know each other in different ways and they have created a music venue that is the best example of  inclusive. that I have ever seen. Multiple times a week, there are “house concerts” of varying genres of music, with local and out of town talent, and the people who go to the shows come from all walks of life.

This isn’t particular rare, there are houses like this across the country and multiple in Pittsburgh alone. However why this house holds a special place in my heart is because unlike so many other house venues, this one isn’t afraid to showcase hip hop / rap talent. Meaning there are both shows that are strictly hip hop / rap  and there are shows that aren’t but still will feature a hip hop act or more. And its not just local acts that come through, the first time I went there, I saw a kid performing who drove up all the way from Maryland to be there.

At the of October they celebrated there one year anniversary as a venue and now they embarking on their 2nd. And in 11 days there will be a hip hop show going on, that I think is going to be significant. I don’t know why but I just have this feeling that years from now, people will look back and say they saw all these different people who are famous for music or other reasons, at this one little hip hop house show.






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