Do it for the culture, do it “For The Youth”: NykoBandz is back with new music

NykoBandz is f*cking back baby! If you are newer to the site, I wrote about him before when he came out with a track called L.A.M.E.Z.

Here’s a quick recap: NykoBandz aka Lil Swim, is an artist out of New Orleans that KILO Brands put me onto in early August.

Well now he is back with a new track called For The Youth and seriously, like f*ckin seriously, I fux with it! Now excuse me, while I begin to sound like a sommelier of rap beats. When you first press play on the video,  the beat begins and I immediately get notes that are breezy and I want to say beachy; however don’t get it twisted this isn’t something your going to hear schwayze on. Because though it does have notes of breezy beachy vibe, this is one of those new school type beats that could perfectly accommodate any number of functions such as an introspective type song from someone in the vein of Chance The Rapper, but I could also hear it being a beat that Oliver would love to rap on, but just as much as it sounds like that it also would fit perfectly as a trap rap song for the likes of Young Thug or in that vein. And the latter is what NykoBandz did.

Nyko did what he did before, he matches a smooth flow with lyrics that are understandable and he rides this beat perfectly. I honestly see a lot of more hits coming from NykoBandz if he keeps putting out bangers such as this!

Authors note: Again, shouts out to Kilo Brands for putting me onto NykoBandz.

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