Soundcloud Rapper Droptop Golf Cart is back with more music.

I have written about Mr. Droptop Golf Cart before. But here’s a little info about him, Droptop Golf Cart is a white boy from a suburb outside of Detroit who releases music sporadically on YouTube and Soundcloud that is very akin to the type of music XXXTENTACION AND 6ix9ine and Lil Toenail make but a little more raw. In fact XXX even reposted one of his songs on SoundCloud.

I don’t know if I just caught onto him very early on or what, but I am very surprised that he doesn’t have more views / fans. None of his tracks on YouTube seem to be anywhere near close to 10K views, in fact most tracks only have hundreds of views. However I really think this guy has some talent.

Also something I have noticed, is that the interview I did with Droptop, for some reason, ever since I have released it, it steadily gets 1 to 4 reads a day. This is interesting to me, because lets use Hooligan Chase’s and Icy Narco’s interviews for an example. Hooligan Chase and Icy Narco are way bigger then Droptop right now, and the way it works with those articles and a bunch of others I have done, is that the first month the article is published it will get a lot of views. First week it will get 100 – 200 views, 2nd week it will dip down to 50 to 100, 3rd week 25 to 50, 4th week 10 to 25. After that first month, I might get 1 or 2 reads every other day on that article until Hooligan Chase or Icy Narco does something, like release new music or get featured on a bigger blog, then it will cause the article / interview I did with them to get a spike in readership. Droptops article is different, almost everyday since I released it on July 20th, it consistently gets 1 to 4 reads. Not every other day, almost everyday save for maybe a handful. Which leads me to believe that probably unbeknownst to him, he is cultivating a small but loyal following.

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