Apparently Instagram celebrity Supreme Patty is a rapper and guess who he sounds like?

Update: Read the interview we did with the producer of “Watchin” KWT Beats, here!

If you don’t know who Supreme Patty is, he is the head member of  a crew called “Lil Dick Gang”. This acne scared probably upper middle class white boy from Daytona Beach is one of those instagram celebrities poppin up because they do outlandish stuff and post it on instagram. One parts comedian, one parts asshole, one parts influencer. Dude has like 1.2 million followers on Instagram and he is always in the recommended or most popular section of my instagram and some of my friends.

Most people know him for his videos on instagram for doing dumb shit like smoking food out of bongs then eating it. Apparently he is also a rapper, cause of course he is. And I dare you to listen to the song/video below and tell me he does not sound like he a bootleg clone of Speaker Knockerz.

Like I said before, Speaker Knockerz was one of the most influential to ever do it.


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