Yaeji’s “Drink I’m Sippin On” might be the sleeper hit of 2017

When I first caught wind of this video, it had only been on 88Risings page for about 16 hours and it was already at 299K. Which was surprising but also not surprising at the same time. I hadn’t watched the video yet but I figured from the preview image and the aesthetic of 88rising, that it would be an asian rapper or singer. When I watched the video I was awestruck, it was this asian girl singing in both a foreign language I didn’t know and sometimes in english and she was riding the beat so smoothly. Beyond her flow and singing, the beat and the video aesthetic and everything else just came together to make a sound and feeling people have been trying to create for years.

Yaeji has that dark poppy turn up but turn down thing going. Also the video has now been up for 14 days and it is now at 1.1 Million views. I am tellling you this song is going to be a sleeper hit this year. Or maybe it’ll be one in 2018. Maybe all it needs is to be in a fast and furious or some type of movie for it to blow.

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