Zee “Give It Time”


Zamani Ngidi better known as Zee is an artist from Johannesburg, South Africa. Born September 9th 1991,Zee started rapping in his early childhood years and continued to do so while learning to discover music producing in high school.

During his high school period he was affiliated with various rap entities until deciding to pursue a solo career from 2008. In the period of 2009 and 2011, he worked on his music and collaborated with local and United States artists with placing on various mixtapes in the US.

He has released two mixtapes “Champagne & Heartbreak” in early 2013 and the more recent “Give It Time” released in late 2016, with latter dawning over 20,000 downloads and 3,000,000 streams.

The mixtape “Give It Time” spawned a single, charting on South Africa’s iTunes Hip-Hop/Rap Top 200 in the form of “I Love You All”, he followed this up with a single called “My Team” featuring German artist HUMAN, which has been streamed online over a million times and is the lead single for the follow up EP of “Give It Time”.

The Give It Time EP was released 10 October 2017, and is the first project ever done by Zee with cover to cover original content. It is available on all online music stores.


You can check out the Give It Time EP at this link or by clicking the picture above.







Official Website



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