Lefty Laaw is gonna die a legend.


I don’t know who Lefty Laaw is but somehow this ended up in my inbox and I decided to give it a listen. I was not disappointed that I did.

Lefty Laaw does kind of confuse me because with the first track “Trying” it sounds as if he is clearly influenced by artists such as Post Malone and others who live in that space. HOWEVER Lefty then moves on to the other three tracks and it totally shifts gears as he has interesting lyrics dispersed throughout the final three tracks that shows he also is influenced by some real lyricists.

Personally my favorite lyrics are from the second track “The World’s Burning”:

“Old enough to remember

I dont answer calls from my family members

but they dont call any days 

so its ok, 

who likes being places they aint wanted anyways”

Do yourself a favor and listen to Lefty Laaw’s ep “Saturn Baby” today and make sure to support by liking, sharing, following, etc!!


*I don’t know if the title of this article is 100% true but Lefty Laaw says it at some point in his mixtape and if he continues to work hard, he just might.


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