Interview + 5 beats with BeatJoven

  • Any placements? No major placements really, the largest record I could say I landed was with Tre Capital called “Forever We Got It”. And a few other indie rappers like Chromat!k and Lashaun Ellis.
  • How old are you? I’m 20 years old.
  • Where are you from? I’m from Orlando, Florida
  • How long have you been producing? I’ve been producing since the tail end of 2012, so about 5 years now.
  • Dopest thing to happen to you since you started producing? The dopest thing honestly so far was producing that Tre Capital song, not only was it one of my goals to produce for him that year, but it also doubled my fanbase on Soundcloud at the time, and opened the door to a lot of connections with some great people. And I could say just the accumulation of fans over the years that really rock with what I’m putting out.
  • Who are your influences? This is a tough one, because as the years go by, I find more inspirations and people that help me develop my music more and more every year. From the start though, the main guys that solidified how I wanted to go about making music has to be: Boi-1da and Jahlil Beats with their hard drums that knocked harder than anybody else’s at the time for me, Mr. Carmack, who really inspired me to try and be unique with finding new sounds and to make every beat I make different than the previous one, and last I gotta say classical music in general. If you’ve heard my music, you know I love using piano in almost everything and taking inspiration from old musical pieces is just different and helps me with being creative. And I’ll say Hit-Boy, because I listen to his stuff constantly haha.
  • Want to give any shoutouts? Lemme give a shout out to Freddy North West, Back, Righteous, Tre Cap, Alley Burlon, and Nova. Also to my day 1 crew Michael, Steven, Brianna, and to my boys Ian, Julian, and Kevin. These are some good people right here.
    • Something people would be surprised to know? I think people would be surprised to know that I wasn’t always into music like I am now. I grew up listening to 2000’s RnB and Pop Rap, and freestyle music, but I was never into listening to it, I was more into video games and stuff. Only recently I’ve been getting back into games since I started making beats. Another interesting thing people might not know is that I’m also into a lot of things other than music, like history and political science. Right now though I’m in college studying business.
  • What do your beats cost? The prices of my beats range from $24.99 for an mp3 version of the beat to $199.99 for what is called an unlimited lease. I’ve recently stopped selling exclusives on my beat store.
  • What is the most you have made from one beat? The most I’ve made from one beat was when I was selling exclusives for $1000 dollars. I actually sold a few of them, which is crazy because I set it at that price to push people away from the exclusives, and more toward the leases. I’m no expert but personally I don’t think producers should be selling any exclusives under 1000 dollars, and that’s a low point if you think what an exclusive purchase actually is and what it could do for an artist.
  • Who are your favorite artist(s) you have produced for? Obviously Tre Capital, and a singer that bought one of my beats, her name is Asante and the song is called “Balance”. I think its one of the best performances I’ve heard over one of my beats. There was also another girl that sung over my beat “Thoughts” but I found it once and never found it again. I’m a sucker for singers over my beats, I think most of my beats tailor more towards singers than rappers, and I always enjoy listening to a singer.
  • Hardware or software? I use FL Studio 12with a few good plugins, but not too many. I also have a 49 key keyboard from Nektar that I use and some studio monitors. I also have a Maschine drum pad but its in my closet most of the time.
  • How many beats have you sold in your career? I actually don’t know the numbers. I’ve only been REALLY been selling beats this year, and it’s been very fruitful so far. It’s been able to pay for school and some nicer luxuries like my first car and stuff.

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