Interview with Rap Ratz Creator and Hip Hop utility man Funkworm.


How old are you? Older than Ye, younger than Hov

Where are you from?  Chicago

Why the name funkworm? Some time ago it was actually Funkyworm. I used to be in a funk band and we chose silly names for ourselves. Later, I produced a song for Skeelo, the rapper, where he actually yelled out “Funkworm” on the record, and I thought it sounded doper. 


besides running the blog, creating rap ratz, and producing, do you have your hands in anything else? I’m a partner in a company that sells plugins and sound libraries to music producers.

Who are your influences across the board?  Right now I’m influenced by those who consistently redefine human potential. I recently discovered this ex Navy SEAL named David Goggins who has motivated me to up the grind in every aspect of my life. 



Want to give any shoutouts?

My Rap Ratz fam. They’re the best. I appreciate all those who have been supporting the comic strip over the years. 

What is something about you people would be surprised to know?

I’m afraid of rats 


If you werent in the rap game, you would be _________?

I don’t really know. I love science so maybe I’d be an astrophysicist who bumps Wu-Tang in my laboratory all day. 

Questions about Rap Ratz:

What spurred the creation of RapRatz?

I wanted a unique addition to my hip hop blog and I thought a weekly comic would be great. 


Have you made any income from RapRatz alone?

No, I’ve made no attempts at creating an income stream from Rap Ratz as of yet. But people have hired me for commission work because of the comic. 



How do you come up with your ideas?

My life as a music producer in the industry has provided me with an endless amount of material. Barber shops are a close second. 


Where do you want to take RapRatz? As far as it can possibly go. In the end, I just want to give something back to this culture that’s played such an important part in my life. 

Do you make the animated videos you have on YouTube yourself? Yes, Rap Ratz is pretty much a one-man operation. Every now and then I’ll invite someone to provide a voice for a new character. But right now I do everything. 

Questions about producing –

How did you get into the game of producing?

I started out rapping in my teens and being in that environment led me to start picking up instruments. That evolved into making beats.

Hardware or software?

Nothing against hardware, but I’m pretty much all software now. The perfect creative environment is finding a way to include both in your setup. Especially when it comes to outboard gear like compressors and pre-amps. 

What do your beats cost?

It varies. There are lots of other factors, most of them legal, that can determine how much I’d sell a beat for. 

Are your beats available online?

I used to run a beat site years ago that I no longer update.  So not at the moment. 

What advise would you give to the up coming producers?

Don’t make following music trends the guiding force in your music creation. You’ll never find your own voice that way. Forge relationships with other creative writers and try to create something new. Not everyone will get it at first but that’s okay. Being yourself will always give you a better chance at longevity in the music industry. 

Can you talk about royalties? does that have any play into your income? I have interviewed dozens of producers and most of them don’t seem to have anything to say about royalties. Is the only way your making money is from the leases and the exclusive rights sales?

They play a part but not a big one. It’s because that’s not my focus at the moment. There’s not much out there in terms of generating huge profits from streaming music these days. But there is huge potential in licensing your music to TV shows and films. This is where your focus should be if you’re a beatmaker who wants to make a consistent livable wage from music royalties. 



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