UpNext: Hooligan Chase Review and 1st official Music Video!

(@sshole Official Music Video)

After about a year of quietly bubbling on the YouTube and Soundcloud circuit it looks like Hooligan Chase is about to blow up. Well at least he is making his way to the next level that is for sure. When I first spoke to Hooligan Chase in May he told me he was still working on getting some music videos and I am glad to see not only did he finally create one but it premiered on Elevator!

If your someone who is like me and bumps Hooligan on the regular or you are at least familiar with his work, then I am happy to tell you that it is classic Hooligan.

If you are someone who has never heard of Hooligan then I urge you to listen immediately. Hooligan is that punk class clown in high school, Mac Miller but more gritty, like when he was still Ez Mac.

Hooligan is about to blow, in less than 3 days he is already at 8.8K views, get on the bandwagon while you can still stretch your legs.

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