What happened to Lucki Eck$?

u know what I just realized while listening to this new video by Lucki Ecks?

Lucki Eck$ (I refuse to call him Lucki btw) totally started the slow flow thing so many people do Nowadays. I think he just got slower because every1 was copping his style and that’s the reason I don’t like any of his other tracks. We heard the flow from way to many other people. At this point and he also got slower n less pronounced.

I mean Lucki seemed like he had so many talent when he put out the count on me trilogy… Me and my best friend still know all the words to each one of the songs.


What happened Lucki? why can’t we get more bangers like the count on me series. Your beat selection is still amazing but it’s the new flow I can’t get with.

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