“New Wave Producer”: Interview + 5 beats with Hip Hop Producer Nineteen94

Major Credits: Theres a lot of big artists I’m in works with right now. As well as artists i think are next up that are super dope.  Most recently though i did Jaden Smiths new song “Diamonds V1”
How old are you? Im 22
Where are you from? From Somerset, Ky
How long have you been producing? Ive been producing for about 2 years now. Really trying to take my sound further now and keep keep building on it.
 Do you produce with hardware or software? Software & Hardware I Use – FL Studio 11, Macbook Pro,Razer Laptop , Universal Audio Apollo Twin MKII DUO, Studio Monitors-Yamaha HS8’s .
How many beats have you sold in your career? Ive Leased probably around 500-1000 really not to sure.
What’s the coolest thing that has happened since releasing music? The coolest thing has probably been random people telling me they love my music and what I’m doing. Always motivating to hear things like that.
Who are your biggest influences? Biggest influences for my sound has been ASAP Rocky, Southside, Cardo, Murda Beatz, Partynextdoor, Isaiah Rashad, Kendrick, Currensy, Wiz, Kid Cudi, Kanye West, Future, Metro Boomin, Illangelo. All those people helped shape my sound and defiantly influenced everything I’ve done so far.
What is one thing people would be surprised to learn about you? People would probably be surprised that I’m actually white. Most people usually don’t expect that.
How much do your beats cost? The beats ill post online start at $55 anything i haven’t posted i usually start at $150 or higher. Exclusives online usually starting at 1,000-1,500
Bonus section:
Nineteen94 thoughts on royalties and revenue streams for hip hop producers:
“Yeah so as a producer you have a few different ways to collect royalties. The first would be artists placing there songs you produced on Apple Music, Spotify etc. You’ll need to make sure you have BMI or some form of publishing company so they can collect those royalties for you. Along with that will be what we call “Split Sheets” that’s when you’ll break up a percentage based on what you agreed upon between everyone involved in the song. Producer, Engineer, Artist, Songwriter everyone gets a cut. Second way is to run ads on your Soundcloud and YouTube. It’s what we call ad revenue. There’s a a few services that you will do that all for you such as Beatstars.
A lot of producers come in to the game thinking it’s just about selling beats but really there’s a whole different side of the business when it comes to producing. Young producers need to read up on these things quickly because you never know when you might get a placement and you’re left out of the loop…
Ultimately; I make more from straight leasing beats. I get lots of emails a day for leases and exclusives. Royalties only id say I make somewhere in the few hundreds a month.”
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