“Part Deux” : 2nd interview + more music with Hip Hip Producer and Rapper, Nayz

You got anything dropping soon?

I just dropped a dance/cars video on youtube with a director called Jay Towers from England. & that song that I send you that I made with Goldman Is a hittt. more people need to listen to It.


What artists have you enjoyed working with? Man I worked with hundreds of artists.. but Goldman, ]David Armstrong, Pre Kai Ro, and Nocturnal.. those artists are next. I don’t work with big artists on music because I’m tryna be one of them. The artists that I work with are the next super stars. I worked with Russ and the whole Diemon crew before they were big.. and I said the same things about them and now look at them haha.

Who are your major credits? placements? I don’t have any Major Credits. a couple of big artists hit me up lately for beats but I don’t want to work with them on music yet because I’m building my own little team and I want to do It on my own before working with them. But I’m working with this Hollywood actor called Charlie Depew.. he’s like my big bro. he’s building a team too so lately we’ve been talking a lot.. and every time I’m In LA I roll with them. he has a house In hollywood hills with a dope ass studio.. and It’s crazyyy. but me and the artists that I work with are next man I’m telling you.. I made this youtube channel to find these people.. now I got It.. now I will take over the world with them haha. you will screenshot this In a couple of years you’ll see hahah

What has been your journey in this rap scene? I just been working on my craft everyday.. and I also make sure to travel somewhere every month to meet up with artists to have connections to build the team.
Where has hip hop taken you ? i.e. where have you traveled?
Man.. a lot of fuckin places hahah. I could write a book about the places. like If you check out my youtube channel a lotta my beats has actual places In the world as titles.. Like for example I have a beat called 7AM In Paris. I was In Paris when I made that beat.. and I finished It 7AM haha. and I don’t even upload all my beats to youtube like most youtube producers… I only upload those I feel like are okay haha because I keep the best for myself or for my artists. but man I’ve been to Germany, France, Spain, Portugal, Belgium…. a couple days ago I was In England to work on that dance video and to record a couple of hitsss. In may I took my mom to Milan and beautiful Islands In Italy…. man I could go on for hours hahaha.
Check out the first part of the interview we did with Nayz:


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