They got the Midas Touch: Meet Malik James x Dre Zounds

Friends and jøTū Collective label mates, Malik James and Dre Zounds, join together on ‘MDSTCH’ (Midas Touch) to show their collaborative songwriting skills. Turning whatever they produce into gold for your ears. Malik James and Dre Zounds selected an interesting title for their debut collaborative EP ‘MDSTCH’ and it fits them well for the type of music they make. The production is above par, the flow game fire, and each ones style compliments the other.

The lead off single “Y.F.N.” was released 8 Sep and will be followed with two more releases before the full EP is released on 27 Oct 2017.

MDSTCH__Explicit___Malik_James_x_Dre_Zounds_Cover_Art.jpgListen to ‘MDSTCH’ here:

More links:

Lyrics on Genius here:

Malik James:

Dre Zounds:


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