No one likes you when your 23 – New music from Drippin So Pretty

I have written about Drippin So Pretty, way back when I first started this blog. Mostly I just liked him for his music videos and his interesting persona. Plus he looks like my dealer lol.

Anyways, I just found this video, its six days old. But yo, Drippin So Pretty has found his stride. Hopefully this isn’t a one off from him. Dude dropped his ego, got woke, and put some real lyrics onto a beat that sounds like it could of been on a lil peep or lil uzi vert album.

Matter of fact, like I just told my best friend when I sent him the video, “if this is what I would of heard when you showed me Lil Peep, then I would be a fan. This is some real shit”.

For real, check out the video below.

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