The Ups and Downs of This Thing Called Life: Interview with Rapper Hooly

Who is Hooly?
Hooly stands for hooligan but it can mean a lot of things from a greeting, to a
lifestyle, to people around you that you vibe with.

Whats the worst job you ever had?
Working at a restauraunt in Florida. Shit was terrible! I got fired the 2nd week.

How do you create and / or get inspired for your art/work?
I put my emotions into the track, and I get inspiration from everything around me or whatever I’m going though at the time.

Does where your from have any influence on your music? 
Definitely it’s also from places I’ve been and the up’s and downs of things
in this thing called life.

What’s the dopest thing to happen to you since you started making music and releasing product?
The way my music has inspired people and the love I get from it, it has become an obessesive feeling.

What did you do today?
Honestly, I ran alot of errands and now atm I’m recording an artist in the studio. You gotta stay busy.

Who are your biggest influences?
My family, my team, and great artists before me.

What are your goals? 
To be CEO of my own record label, production company. I’d also like to get into the gaming industry as well.

What would people be surprised to found out about you? 
I’m not sure that’s a one ended question but I’m pretty sensitive to anything unjust. I’m also very sensitive to negative energy and how it creates a domino effect around us.

want to give any shout outs?
Shout out the my family, the Hoolies, Dope hitz ent and the fans!!!
Lets get it!


Website: www.hoolymusic,com

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