“I prefer hardware over software”: An Interview with Hip Hop Producer Arbus Beats

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How old are you? Where are you from?
I’m 21 years old from Norrköping, Sweden.
Hardware or software?
I use Maschine MK2 so i prefer hardware over software i guess. At least when it comes to making the beat, it feels good to be able to make a beat with your hands. When i’m done with maschine i track it out to fl studio for finessing. I’ve been producing for 3 years but i’ve always been around music and played instruments.
Any advise for new producers?
My advice to new producers would be try to make the beat as catchy as you can. If i can’t remember the melody of a beat that i made 2 weeks ago, no one else will and therefore i scrap those. Also try to learn as much as you can. I’m not saying you gotta be a music theory master, a mixing engineer and a professional sound designer but if you get to know just a little about all these things you’re gonna get a lot better.
Whats the dopest thing to happen to you since you started to release music?
The dopest thing that ever happened to me was when my man Marlon Craft’s new album got to number 2 on Itunes. I produced 4 beats on that project. It was only for a couple days but yeah still dope to see your beats right behind jay z’s 444 album.
Biggest influences?
My biggest influences are probably J Dilla and Exile. I love producers that just have their own sound and can manipulate samples so that they sound like them. In the modern world Tyler, The Creator’s beats is a big influence on me.
Any shoutouts you want to give?
Shoutouts to everyone that are buying beats instead of ripping them off youtube.
Whats something people wouldnt expect to find out about you?
I’m actually the best Rocket League player ever. Yall can’t fuck with me on Rocket League.
How much do your beats cost?
It’s all about what you’re gonna do with the beat. If it’s a non profit use, just put it up on soundcloud it’s only 10 $. Lease – 30 with the tag, 35 without, tracked out lease 60 and exclusive rights 150.
Favorite artist to work with?
As i mentioned before Marlon Craft, everytime he sends me something i’m like yeah this is exactly how the vocals should be approached for this instrumental. He’s wild.
How many beats have you sold?
Damn i have no idea, probably around 100 leases.
Most you have made off one beat? 400

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