Drum Desire : An interview with Hip Hop Producer LucidSoundz

LucidSoundz makes dark progressive hip hop instrumentals that have been catching a lot of steam recently on YouTube. Check out some of his beats below and find out more about the producer known as LucidSoundz.

Quick Stats:
  • 26,607 subscribers
  • Credits:Von Poe VII, Kid Evo, Woodie Smalls and B Young


How old are you? Im 19 years old

Where are you from? I am from San Gabriel, CA.

Hardware or software?what kind?I mainly use software such as the basic producer plug ins like Omnisphere, Nexus, anything from Native Instruments. And some stock plugins from Logic Pro X
How long have you been producing? I have been producing for almost 3 years now.
What’s the dopest thing to happen to you since you started making music and releasing product? A lot of amazing things have happen since I started selling beats. Ive connected and worked with so many great artists and producers. One of dopest things that happened was a little over a year ago, which was selling an exclusive right to an artist named Woodie Smalls. It was one of my first big sales to a bigger artist with a big following. But the dopest thing that happened is having these artist and producers that I used to look up to, reach out to me and tell me they like my beats. I still do look up to a lot of people I work with.
Who are your biggest influences? Oh have so many but if were talking about producer influences, it would have to be producers such as Ayo, Vinylz, Kato,Allen Ritter, Boi1da, Oz, 6ix. The list goes on and on really. haha.
Want to give any shoutouts? Shout out to all the artist and producers I’ve worked with.
What is something about you people would be surprised to know? I love reading and playing video games, so if you play on Steam, hit me up haha.
The Standard Lease ($25) is just meant for artist who haven’t started selling their music yet and want to get on it, which only includes the mp3 file.
The Premium Lease ($45) includes the mp3 and wav file.
The Track Outs ($80) include the master mp3 and wav file along with the stems of the beat. This is for the more serious artist who really want their songs to sound more professional. I notice a lot of artist just rap over a mp3 and call it a day. However that will never be as clear and actually mixing your vocals properly with each stem of the beat.
More info can be found on my beatstars page here: https://lucidsoundz.beatstars.com
 Who has been your favorite artist to produce for? Von Poe VII, Kid Evo, Woodie Smalls and B Young just to name a few.
How many leases or beats, do you think you have sold in your career? I can’t put a specific number on it but i would imagine it being in the hundreds.
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