Early Bird Gets The Rarri: An Interview with Hip Hop Producer Banbwoi

Producer: Banbwoi

Credits: Matt Ox | Reggie Mills | D Savage | Yung Bans | Grownboi Trap | Lc Levi | Captain Crunch | Bigbabygucci

Youtube: 4,114 subscribers / 589,565 views


How old are you? I’m 16

Where are you from?  Elizabeth City NC

Hardware or software?what kind? I’m a software type of guy because of how young I am and I use FL studio 12

How long have you been producing? I’ve been playing with it for about my whole life but I started taking it serious in about March 2017

What’s the dopest thing to happen to you since you started making music and releasing product? Honestly dopest thong would have to be getting placements with all the artist that I used to listen to and looked up to when I was solely rapping

Who are your biggest influences? Biggest influences would have to be people like Zaytoven , Cassius Jay , Pharrell , and ofc the king of the underground producers MEXIKO DRO

Want to give any shoutouts? Shout out Visionaires , Jamie Skylark, pretty Kenny , leanbwoy , tash , zjakkiestg , trey friendly

What is something about you people would be surprised to know? Just like any other basic person would say lol I’m next up mane I’m on the come up .. in my dexter voice y’all gon read about it and see about it

What do your beats normally cost? 20 for a lease and 200 for exclusive

Who has been your favorite artist to produce for?  It would have to be between Jamie Skylark , pretty Kenny , LC Levi or Yung bans

How many leases or beats, do you think you have sold in your career? About 75+


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