The Wiz Kid – an interview with Hip Hop Producer Dollie – who has produced for Yung Gravy and Global Dan.

He produced my favorite track by Yung Gravy

and you might also know him as the producer behind the boards for Global Dan on his tracks “Off White” and “Moving On”.
Below you can check out the interview plus some beats still available by this young talented producer.
How old are you? 
17 Years Old
Where are you from? 
I am from Dorchester, Massachusetts
How long have you been producing?
I have been producing for about 4 years. I started taking it serious just last year.
What’s the dopest thing to happen to you since you started making music and releasing product?
I would have to say A&R’s and Record Labels reaching out wanting to meet me as well as recently, big artists have been asking me to send them stuff.
It’s crazy how just a year ago I started posting my music online for others to see and now i’m getting surprise calls from rappers I never thought I would work with.
Who are your biggest influences?
I have quite a few actually. My main influences are Stoopidxool, Vinylz, Frank Dukes, Allen Ritter, and of course Metro Boomin. Artist wise, I would have to say
Playboi Carti, Uzi, Travis Scott, Kanye West, and Kid Cudi.
I wanna shoutout OG Abi, Ivsir, Lowsock, Cecil, Fly Melodies, and Juggman Rico. Those dudes are real and fuck with me heavily and I respect them because of it.
I want to give a shoutout to everyone supporting me and those who want me to do better and succeed.
What is something about you people would be surprised to know?
I would have to say some people would definitely be surprised if they knew that I can’t really play the piano well.
What do your beats normally cost?
The ones I upload are currently $29.99 for a basic lease and $39.99 for a master lease. Old ones are around $15 – $20.
Exclusvively those beats range from $150 to $300. The beats I keep that I send to artists are around $400 to even $1200 and the prices are only going up.
Who are the favorite artists you have produced for?
I’ve produced for many underground artists and as of recently a couple big artists as well but as for my favorite, I would have to say Global Dan. He just brings energy to the beats I send him. He is definitely one of a kind.
Every song we make together is going to be a hit I gurantee it.
How many leases have you sold in your career so far?
So far I think I’ve sold about a thousand leases, maybe a little more.


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